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blackmoon: i miss cat
one day i will be able to afford a cat again
then i will be unstoppable

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i was just going to have a buffer that everything writes to, and then rescan the lcd in timer loop, its slow enough

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also not going to flip pins using the HAL driver
its doing 8 read mod writes, and who knows what other hal fuckery, just needs to do 2 without fuckery

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blackmoon: yeah this shit sitting doing nothing all day
and all of a sudden random D shows up on LCD
thats why i dont just want to scan changes
plus what if tesla coils?!
also its not like i would actually use this code i just kind wanted to see how trainwreck it was
its prob like 0.2 s trainwreck
like, there are 40 us execution delays i just did 1ms hal delays for
im going to set up a us timer and just reset and poll that shit

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nothing like embedded life in the slow lane

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also you can use them to roast coffee
doesnt seem to

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it might be a new vs old prob thing, shrug

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plugged them into the CLIO test box, and the center pin was so concentric, the shield didnt make contact until i crushed it tiny bit with some pliers
like, .002" to .004" problems
like you get chinesium stuff thats on opposite ends of tolerance window, shit works when it wants to

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yes i think the jack plates are same size as speakon
NL8 are the giant speakon
pretty sure, lemme check
yeah those connectors look decent
my only concern on stuff like that is pin tolerances, bad plugs can fuck good jacks, but if theyre sold in sets its not an issue
like china BNC scope probes will spread out tektronix BNC jacks and then theyll be intermittent with some older probes
but theyll work fine with china probes
like, i made once with these RCA plugs, looked real nice

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prob fine if they come in jack/plug pairs
i dont think they are as standard as normal XLR
like, id trust good neutrik copies over real switchcraft XLR, shrug
for standard, monoprice sells neutrik style XLR cheap, as AES3 cables i think
their standard xlr, cheaper ones, are some weirdo connector

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which ones?
theyre all pretty cool

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they have very fine strands usually, too, which is great new but it breaks easy after a few connections
if youre connecting to .75" binding posts id spend the extra $5 for pomona mpd ends
yeah thats normal speaker cable
itll turn green as fuck if you solder to it =)

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its fine for short and medium runs, lots of internal wiring is 18awg
i usually do 14 or 16
if im making nice cables for pro audio, ill do 2x12 or 2x14 SJOOW with neutrik speakon or pomona MDP ends
price on the 2 conductor stuff is pretty random
like i think they make way less so sometimes more $$$
but then i think some places have trouble selling it so less $$$
is it sjoow or zip cable?
zip cable gets really messy and insulation gets twisted up if you use them a lot
haha clear cable
they do that because it makes the conductors look huge
thats fine as long as you dont handle it a lot

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so like, doing L/R/gnd instead of +/-/gnd
like, L+/L-/shield and R+/R-/shield using two balanced mic cables is ideal
but kind of a lot of space/work/money for headphones
right cat6 might actually work better
like, for two sets of headphones, and then you run a twisted pair per channel
and i think the shields split up the channels too?
yeah if you have the stereo balanced cable for it, its a pretty hardcore headphone solution
but i think you can probably make cat6 work well for two sets of headphones
what are you using as the controller?

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and shielding prob fix anyway
oh, you might want to run seperate L/R cables for the headphones, to prevent L/R channel crosstalk from ground lift
alternatively, just use very heavy gauge cables
with mic cable for one channel using the shield as ground you still might have the lift problems if the run is long

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what are you using for headphone amps?
prob fine, if not itll be random interference with random solution

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toslink is so fucking cool
heh, make sure youre not buying 'active' speakers with passive xovers
thermal problems of active speakers with accuracy problems of passive crossovers
oh nice, yeah youre good
have you tried them?
theyre prob fine but some people dont like active monitor speakers because they wont get as load as 12" and 15" home speakers
theyre sound better and get pretty fucking loud, for like medium size room, tho
yeah perfect
ha, thats pimp

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yeah fine, maybe little bigger for L and R channels, and you probably want a shielded signal cable for subwoofing
i would just buy balanced audio cable, run + as signal and - as ground, and then connect the shield to one side
is it real cable or speaker cable?
its probably fine unless youre doing crazy long runs
remember is 4 and 8 ohms loads so dropping like a dB or two is possible from small wires, long runs
nope not really
not enough to hear diff likely
yeah powered speakers are best way to go honestly
remote amps and crossovers with empty box speakers is best way to go
but thats either DIY or super high end

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iunno thats pref
if you want to do future proof surround i would run at least 8 channels
or just look up typical atmos channel counts
Dolby Atmos technology allows up to 128 audio tracks plus associated spatial audio description metadata (most notably, location or pan automation data) to be distributed to theaters for optimal, dynamic rendering to loudspeakers based on the theater capabilities. Each audio track can be assigned to an audio channel, the traditional format for distribution, or to an audio "object." Dolby Atmos by defau
lt, has a 10-channel 7.1.2 bed for ambience stems or center dialogue, leaving 118 tracks for objects.[5]
Dolby Atmos home theaters can be built upon traditional 5.1 and 7.1 layouts. For Dolby Atmos, the nomenclature differs slightly: a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system is a traditional 7.1 layout with four overhead or Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.[6]
sculptor: above you
pretty sure the 'atmos' name is about hyping the overhead 'atmospheric' audio tracks
can you easily run cables later?
if its just for music thats fine, if its for a little home theater, you should really explore surround options
well, audio cable sounds look
what is that like 22awg?

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sculptor: just get owens corning 703 if you want sound absorption
sculptor: if people arent using like 4-6 ft acoustic spikes, theyre using OC703, for acoustic test chambers
it comes in 2x4' rigid boards, you can get it from like 1-4" thick
its pretty reasonably prices, itll mount fine with construction adhesives
or just long screws and fender washers
sculptor: oc703 is very rigid
sculptor: also what do you mean 'until they find out about', my industry is the one with the gear to actually test this shit

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