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blackmoon: i do both
i make pcb to connect the shit from amazon/ebay

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guys f1 is here
f1 is right now
no more winter!

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any goofy electromechanical way you can thing of to switch signal, phone company prob already did it for 10 years

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i think you can select serial protocol?
i havent looked at those docs since i bought the hsit and ignored it

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was kidding but i bet they did like 50 years ago

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you can use a motor to turn a rotary switch
you can have an RC filter on the latch
and then clock your bits in
and then leave it steady to shift the latch
just tx/rx to a real uC
you can use gpio as data ready flags

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tecan: muxing two io gets you nothing really
what are those serial latches called?
tecan: you can use shift regs maybe
but you need some trick to clock and sync it

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heh, 400A step will make cables push away from each other
thats my audio tach, yo

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imagine that
EMP burst in orbit takes out a nations worth of self driving cars at once

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