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yeah 40 bytes, and its 4 bit mode so 80 writes, wants 40us to jerk off between, call it 50us
so like 4ms a scan best case. neat
i was going to do 10ms control loops

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timecop: so i did a totally cubemx/HAL portable init and 2x20 scan, hd44780/nt7605 lcd, with individial pin flips and delay(1)s for the latches
like i did for loop of ton of if (buf_lcd[i] & (1<<7)) HAL_GPIO_WritePin(...SET); else ...(...RESET)
comically but usable slow
like i reset the shit and i can see it scan
maybe .3 sec

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macgyver0: no i mean can it do something with clocks to sync audio
thats like multi room killer feature, ability to sync close enough to stereo pair

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this wont sync across pc will it?

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does it like replace windows mixer or its a UI for it?
yeah im just wonder if it will break other daw stuff
i mostly use reaper for stuff
i do

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so its like, mixer plus streaming source/endpoint?
so like you could have a mix bus for a specific room? or what

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