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my m3 screws and wadshers have dissapeared into the ether

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they werent a ton
from that us distro guy
rab: 1/16" endmill will Al removed cut fine
like, lots of burr but was going to sand anyway

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yeah its prob not going to be a $.20 discrete buck setup
well, maybe there will be that off to the side
but its going to be connected to the smd chip connected to the usb
its prob gonna be some leadless shit
because shit prob didnt exist 3 years ago
timecop: do you know about usb-c hv modes?
tecan: i dont think i can buy that at digikey
maybe i can power a little tube amp or something from usb-c

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oh wow but i can choose a colorful avatar for my project after deleting old ones!
make it

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fusion 360 has a project limit

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20mA test LEDs are very danger! this is not your typical 1970s LED!

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holy shit im blind
cree doesnt fuck around on their 5mm green leds
which is why i did the second row of indicators with half current because fuuuu

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rab: no way!

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shit i lost the endmill i fixed
i need to stop everything and coffee immediate

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like, aluminum up in the 1/16" endmill flute but i popped it out with tweezers
guys $1 plastic loupes are only worth about $1
you do but for car enthusiasm, its like reference handling
and because low on power, you drive the shit out of it on the road and its harder to kill yourself on canyons, while being as fast or faster
plus miata spec racing is huge, inexpensive (for racing) and all over the place

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i want a boom scope and a miata

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blackmoon: did i tell you how flycutter ended up working out?
i put big radius and it stalled a lot
i guess tiny radius was because tiny load
or it chatters, one or the other
super scope was so rad

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omg he has started breaking the apartment
this guy least breaks his own apartment
last guy was a drunk kid, would mistake my door for his, turned knob and slammed into door on time, totally broke my lockset
like i had to break out of my house by prying the door jam away from the door with one of those goofy big flat screwdrivers
this game is dumb now

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i almost bandsawed like that today but then felt stupid because glasses literally 3 steps away
daaamn, neighbor gonna fire his candy crush team

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will mark the tile but i think its pretty cool
except i think some of my keys are brass?
i think i lost all my little magnets
because irresponsible
like i will randomly see little neo cube attached to bike stand or something

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less thump! maybe part of why they lasted
time to clean all the things
then you can relax in your robot home

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did they fail to fail
so ya, fuck old caps and pots

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for this its maybe 2 to 3 boards, 5 pieces each, probably partial assembly, maybe 2 revs
and then after, assuming they do like they are planning, pretty big PCBA run, few dozen at least i imagine
i have to bring it up and talk about it because i would like to work on this over summer
you guys just do assembly?
i can get the boards from china for prototypes
or youre a CM
rab: right if it gets this serious i prob just get the altium license
i kind of want to regardless, its more about who going to pay for it and if we need one or two seats or what
dunno if other mechatronics guy on project has ever done pcb but he should prob learn if not

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so more for schematics and placement?
i used dicktrace and .1" grid to layout my perf board
hey do you guys ever do projects for schools?
they want to build like 40-100 of these things, so i was going to try and sell a PCBA house on doing a couple cheap PCBA runs based on that
yeah its a sponsored project
like, companies pay uni to participate, students get a budget, semester for design, semester for prototype fab

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there was something about library management that killed my enthusiasm completely
i tried the cirtuitmaker or whatever free altium shit
too cloudy
like, social cloudy, private project limit is 2 or something fucked
prob not i dont even know about that
wait so your project could ref libs
and they would change parts in the libs
and like, break projects?
i bet people got mad

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okay thats about how i feel about it
i dont want to use it for school project thing
i think im might ask sponsor company what they use since eventually itll be their problem
but what if they use crap
im scared of dicktrace because bugs
maybe i get over that
i think its between altium student seat or dicktrace
i have to stop calling it dick trace
it is a bit
its like something in between ultiboard and eagle
its UI is a little less on crack
eagle UI is a bit of a mess
i honestly liked the old one better
that was like a pure trainwreck, new shit is like some sort of soft trainwreck
the old trainwreck was faster

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rab: do you see a panel thickness rec?
anyway, if you care that much you are probably measuring shit and prototyping anyway
and youll get fucked when they switch molds for who knows why
it makes more sense for recessed plastic assemblies with internal screw boses
okay so front mount it like as if i got a shit jigsaw
rab: are you still using eagle?

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i think back mount is the smaller cutout dims
right so rear mount seems better in terms of easthetic
and for pullout force
but it shows off your step and gap
front mount hides literally everything so a badger could chew your cutouts, look the same every unit
ac-130u: your compromise is higher tolerance ($$$$) or dealing with large gap and maybe goofy step from panel thickness
step prob isnt an issue unless ridic thick
but gap, you either settle for slop, or setup some procedure to consistently offset and/or center
they give both
pretty sure its this datasheet...
yeah, flange in front and flange behind drawings
yeah its not there
prob 2 and 3 mm

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should i backmount or front mount
i guess pushing in is worst case
i can help you with that
except you are far
i have those because neutrik stuff
and cnc so centering hasnt been an issue
i think normally i get the push in ones? shrug
same toolpath
slight diff scaling on the cutout

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so was prob c9
i would assume and be angry is shit blew up
i wonder if it would have worked but with suicidal enthusiasm removing c9

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jero32: did you do all the caps or main unregged psu caps or which caps?
i think was either main caps and ripple, or c9 leaking into the current sense diff input

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