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then you got the plc people
who will pay $800 for something with 8 io because it has opto isolators and you can program it with pictures

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its not 2006
also people like cubemx pin outs
like, hey there is a tool and it says we can do all these peripherals, at once, plus have these spare pins, with these available peripherals
and everything labeled
and since it is EE shit people are just like, uh okay
plus my lab shit always work, and my controls teacher is still going on about my spinny death w/ nunchucks
also they like when i am like, that thing is $8 and the usb thing is like $2

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i have the shit converting to bcd ascii and spitting to terminal in mV resolution, and the last digit has few mV of bounce reading instrumentation amp w/ gain of 500
plastic box, lots of wires
also avr is pretty much dead to me
atmel is dead, avr lost
arduino is this like, stumbling sombie
seriously no one in my engineering program knows wtf an AVR is, its arduino
i mechanical and mechatronics program, but mechatronics do embedded classes with ee and theyre really not much better
no they go whats that im like, stm32 its like that TI cortex-m shit we used in embedded asm and c classes, but cheaper and more awesome
and that i am poor and i cant afford arduinos and also they are too slow now

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timecop: you guys can stomp out cardboard tokyo or something
fuck spring break has started
i should do a thing with the bots
timecop: ADC in stm32 seem pretty good
i am doing DMA loop of maybe 32 samples for an average at 2khz
is like 20us for the half complete service routine
its like 4 channels i think?
i am reading the vref and temp input like all the time because fuckit this project in no hurry
anyway its 10b usable easy

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nice, tc vs timecop
wait no
that should be a movie tho, tc vs kastein

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i cant believe i have to reboot
damn my windows key doesnt do anything
foxit is also misbehaving

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i dont think stealing a girls vespa is a wise decision short term
clearly this is complicated, this vespa situation
is it rusty?
i dont think that will take away from the aesthetic much

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so yeah who knows wtf they got driving and controlling the thing
prob a pretty sweet system for someone knows what to do with it, the motors are on the bigger side of nema23
he got ripped off by his partner im thinking
like, $1.5k for the machine, $2k for motors and drives, $2k for the computer, $500 in cable, $500 in tooling, like if you big hammered literally every purchase it kind of ads up
wtf vespa

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way past the end of the steel way bars but its never seemed to care until you hit the motor mount
i think deepgroove1 is selling them w/ 4 channel geckos in a nice case w/ psu for maybe $1700 or $1800
nicer than what he was selling when i got mine for sure
rab: its got feedback on the steppers or its actually servo'd
heh, @ taped couplers
mine are open, i rarely clean them out, never had issues
right i cant see how many lines on the motors tho
i have the IDC connectors out in the open, some hot glue to keep the caps from popping off
havent had issues since the hot glue

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i can start excell instances and close them alongside the zombie processes
now explorer is locked up
m$ broke windows
actually maybe googles new drive filesystem did
taskbar fucked, reverted to blank tablet bar w/ start button, alt-tab still working
its not really 12
and its actually 5.5, but you can get about 6" if you flip the way cover nut i think, something silly

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blackmoon: he might just be drunk
excel saving to google drive filesystem just took a shit
excel doesnt want to die
i mean thats just a fucking os bug
task manager wont let me click on the excel window processes

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woooo, linear load cell output is linear
like, in the plots

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the differential circuits
yeah so its operating on very small currents
caps might be leaking once they get enough voltage across them
yeah it might just be input caps
k gotta go bye
akai stuff is nice
japanese stuff from that era is infused with <3
yeah japanese were like fuck servicability our techs are rad

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whats ripple?
maybe its dropping out
how is the scope not already broken out?
ya shit looks old
70s design even
i think that zener circuit is heavily Hfe dependent
im not sure how much that changes over time on old bjt
its maybe leaking enough to make a diff
reference voltage
prob really old electrolytic
do you know about diff input long tail pairs?

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yeah think so
and thats diff input feeding the power section control
same node as the V control long tail pair
you could prob just replace the transistor shit with opamps if you wanted to
pretty sure C9 is to inject some extra current limiting on high speed current changes
so like, itll drop out voltage if theres a spike before stabilizing
replacing the caps before the transistors might work out
i have a fucked up mastech supply
its maybe the pots, dunno

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i think that maybe limits current on very high transients
just guessing

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shrug, shotgun the current section
least the transistors and caps
you might want to avoid using trannies
because transformers and transmissions and chicks with dicks
oh you dont get 'shotgun'?
like if you were to load bunch of replacement parts into shotgun shell and fire at pcb
its EE version of automotive parts cannon
our parts are smaller
probably but they could be damaged and droppeding voltage at higher current
c3 shorting out a zener might do it
i dont think d2 and d3 are on at same time

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d2 and d3 are zeners?
have you checked r30?
have you tried adjusting r37?
thought maybe the control scaling was fucked
is r32 current?

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jero32: is it regulated?
control and power circuits are on diff boards?
check all those board to board connections

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