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vm in vms in vms

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rural american, mental illness from boredom

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macgyver0: its doing vector art fine, only real lag is opening dialogs for first time with inkscape
like, there is a pause opening anything
its almost exactly like an eeepc

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and by okay i mean when windows is all like (Not Responding), it will usually come back
i dunno it youtubes and chromes fine what more does it need to do?
android web experience is kind of shit
well yeah performance scales
like this shit acts like my eeepc 701
except way more storage and better screen w/ touch
price about same

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i have win10 on super china'd asus transformer clone and its kind of awesome
w/ keyboard it has three USB-A
and a micro usb otg
and the 1920x1200 10" touchscreen is hot sex
atom is holding up its rep by being exactly slow enough to keep you from suiciding
shrug, this is way more useful than android
running inkscape okay

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bada big boom

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