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sculptor: where?
shrug tell him to come here

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think it was image based
my guess is eyebrows
omg mean
heh, data set was dating websites so that would be a pretty extreme community
thats fair, location is prob listed
i think it was just images tho
i believe the inspectors are accused of, um, planting evidense

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i bet cold weapon has to do with gamer and tactical weapon forum
blue weapon, snow weapon
hehe @ product
thats fucking scary
white background
so it thinks its prob for sale
i didnt read your last line
but they explained how the university was just proving its possible, even with a small dataset, so like, make laws or find detection algorithms, or something
but even knowing that because they explained it, OMG WHY ARE THEY SPENDING MONEY BINNING THE GAYS
like, hey lefty news people, you just said why, chill out
like if the university didnt do it the tech wouldnt be a thing
shit has prob been used commercially for years

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im just guessing by how it looks, but the pattern really looks like rifle stocks twisted by googles dream processor thing
that was the first thing i thought when it started flashing rifle
because obviously turtle is not a rifle, but the patterns didnt look exactly turtle
blackmoon: i bet it think that is a rifle
because i bet its seen a loooooot of riced out 10-22
so it twists thats into its feature scanner dealy and it matches up with its stored rifle pattern
so the AI hackers figured out some pattern that will pop out as its rifle template so close that the turtle lines arent as significant
you checked?

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its because of the pattern
it thinks the turtle has an epoxy wood stock
shrug, it took me a few seconds
so right theres that exploit, where the AI is just dumb
just tricked it, knowing what its dataset is like
so look at it and i bet its reversed the google dream shit
they took gun stocks and twisted them into shell patterns and then put it on a turtle
so the trick is that we think that looks like a turtle
but to google it looks kind of like how its twisted nightmare interpreter bins rifles
because a lot of rifle data prob has colored wood grain stocks
right i think thats going to be a thing

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like trying to detect where your dog hid your keys
what are pixel exploits?
right, exactly that
so the whole system is built on generalized averaged inputs of some huge dataset
and then one very specific (somewhat specific?) set of instruction
if they allow AI into the court system were so screwed on so many levels
macgyver0: well, its an exploit, shrug
maybe you just stick a sniffer on the ins and out and intercept
i mean, that would be the fuckit i dont care if they figure it out solution
but they seem to be able to train them to do it
so theyre basically exploiting the learning algorithm and dataset

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they should just release war games again
damn @ having to open up my strength of materials book
same shit
theyve trained them with exploits
so like, typical behavior for almost all inputs, controlled behavior for certain very specific inputs
try and detect that

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thats like me and falkens
dont last long, but sticky and predictable and cheap
and actually the last all season ones lasted a pretty long time

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ha, i drove my friends to pick something up
like, raised thing painted with bed liner, rejetted so throttle is like ON-OFF and its all low end
shit is geared like, 4th gear high revs at 35mph
goofy to drive
and lots of play in steering with the wheel off by a pline tooth
was like driving a horse
tacomas are light, and theyre rocks
the old ones, like through the 90s
then trucks got fat
ford probe
felt like the front end was assembled by small monkeys

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it has its ups
like, swarming spreadsheets is one
its also like a game, bunch of colored cells flying around making edits at once
but shit like, hey i want to make a PDF hard copy to save revs
can i save as pdf to drive? no
i have to download as pdf, then re-upload to the same dir
fuck you
thats all i gotta say to google about that
like, some of the stuff works genius
calendar in windows is truly useful
but you cant do them in android
want to make a new sub calendar? have to use the web app
shared calendars dont even show up in the android app
the thing is, its usable
it just makes me want to use office instead
and thats not great

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rab: google drive chained their local explorer integration software to something with a root drive, instead of user directory
so now i have a 28GB directory with a little cloud with a slash, and i dont know if its real
or connected the the new cloudy thing
i like this because the screw bite
like you can feel the copper give and the fr4 grab
yeah theyve outgrown their ideals by about a decade i think
but i hate and distrust the alternatives, and this what the school trash uses
like, i kind of wonder what android is like without being linked to a google acct

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cant find the pics of the fixture itself
you can see in the top one how it supports the edge and is open on the bottom
i could cut it half and counterbore it to table mount each half
in half
vacuum tables seem like dust to me
like, in practice there shouldnt be, but i think dealing with the filters and/or bags would be a mess

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i should prob design some sort of adjustable fixture
i can just saw this one in half and mount each side, heh
its got enough clamp points that would actually work fine
damn, joke just became best option
im sure youve seen the fixture i use
heh, gimme minute its prob 8 dirs deep

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yeah just buy the hepa filter, seems to last long
dunno if its still hepa spec but it doesnt put out dust, just smells
yeah i have a little eureka with one
stinks tho
naw i think its the water soluble lube
dont seem to have a roach problem
maybe one or two a year when it rains
this place is about monster mesquitos
fly off with your motorcycle
does your saw have the port?
mine does
i like my craftsman shit, they better sell that shit to home depot or someone
yeah you have a drill press tho!
i dont have a drill press =(
like, i havent cut FR4 with the bandsaw
i still have like 20 or 40 blanks for my fixture
but theyre doublesided and im sick of facing one side or double side indexing simple shit
so i was going to buy big single sided and cut them up for the fixture

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i think they are trying to say some people or conditions might be safe
which doesnt seem very safe
well i wasnt going to cut my crack with it
that was mid late 90s, issues with study i think is they dont have very good controls for multiple causes
for example, silicon is just one of many fabulous chemical compounds consumed by potters
i have a hepa one on mine
and it little foamy muffler so it stops blowing things everywhere
yeah i would grab the hepa filter theyre not much more usually
they arent for the craftsman shit
fuck i should probably buy a few of those

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macro vs micro level, still pretty bad
contents not clickable
for lung cancer risk among silicotics
who never smoked and workers who
were exposed to silica but did not have
ima get kicked
* Whether silica exposure is associated with lung cancer in the absence of silicosis is less clear.

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pretty sure glass an epoxy are fine with the moisture
yeah well youre not going to break down a sandbox a week
but fiberglass seems to be harmless
some people seem to be allergic, but whats new, it doesnt seem to be a carcinogenix problem in reasonable amounts
no im pretty sure epoxy dust is just outright carcinogenic
yeah silicosis is like, irritation and pneumonia like reaction, i dont think its a cancer thing

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but im not sure how FR4 deals with being wet after being cut
rab: also im sure its not the glass thats the issue
you can break down glass fibers, im pretty sure
its the resin dust
rab: i wonder if hemp rosin would work well as a flux base
warm thc rosin is like gel flux, heh
rab: i think its a delamination at the edges issue
so maybe more of a process thing that a material thing

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jero32: really depends on the size of the pcb
rab: i was just gonna to use a worn out blade on my bandsaw
want to buy a bunch of single sided
the dust?
dude youre like 10 years late with this warning
thats what the weed is for
it produces a protective anto carcinogenic lining on my lungs
which is a mechanical explanation for some smoking vs toking cancer studies
fuck if i know
cutting pcb makes a decent amount of dust
if i was very concerned i could try using a coolant

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