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reviews of the newer sony non in-ear earbuds that mention thoe say the new ones are complete shit

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well yeah, train is train
if your plan involved a train reacting to you youre fucked

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like, look both ways
its a train
they dont just come out of nowhere

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cool they had OS based malwars to turn off the boot selector
only 1 of 64 virus total apps didnt like it

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timecop: chuwi did okay in class today, is got cubemx/atollic/pythons/chromes on it, still acceptably slow
i need to try and to swap the bios malware so it doesnt do the stupid android dual boot selector

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that shit is longer than 80 char in my terminal

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.ck = no timecops

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haha @ 2.1GB errors
ya because wtf is a conter

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how do you not make moneys on lordpil?
thats totally youre failure theres mad content
its like, all the content

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its bluto
ya like bluto
heh @ search terms at end of shop page
i only see that on craigslist and some weedmaps dispensaries now
i guess i dont really read those
its kind of like ads, even with add blocker off my brain just doesnt suck it up

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should i be watching big clive?
i mean, i think ive watched two videos
like, yeah shits cheap man
are you a criminal?
it it just links to his youtubes and stuff he says?

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you get used to ribbon shit, shrug
solidworks uses it
and jobs will almost always use office

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no they do for staff
staff have @schoolname.edu, we have @mail.schoolname.edu
it also means students dont have to buy word
or excel, though i got office 365 for four years for like $80 or something through school
way better than the google trash

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damn wtf, google killing local drive
Drive File Stream streams all files and folders from the cloud. You can.t use this with your personal account.
local shits is a school acct, so not really affected, but damn, mean
our schools email service is through google, so we get all related google stuff, and unlimited drive storage
so like, if i want to grab some shit i was working on 5 semesters ago, its all there, because it have directories for each course
i hardly touch my personal drive, and dropbox just poked me like, yo were gonna delete your shit if you dont login because where the fuck are you

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