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timecop: device manager clean, been using it awhile, about as slow as its supposed to be, screen is awesome ty for suggesting

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probably because of the physical stop
its probably just a pin or a nub, full 360 would require like, offset stops

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manually installing from chuwi drivers zip got the touchscreen working

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cool, onboard wifi showed up

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rebooting, sd card showed up, update doing more hardware

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is like perfect size for pdfs

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timecop: i stuck i usb wifi nub in it, hopefully it sorts itself out
cool its grabbing hardware shit

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in their all driver zip root
if i wasnt cheap why would i have bought this?
timecop: this shit doesnt even see the microsd
or its touchpad
er, touchscreen
there is a WIFI dir in the WIFI root, its totally same dir
timecop why are extensions hidden by default

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device manager all sorts of fucked
chuwi seems to post drivers on their forum thru a user named emily, with mediafire hosting
im going to try and put the wifi driver and that
no adapters!
it has some wan miniport shit? it looks like high level drivers, bunch of protocol names in ()
anyway this is fine as long as net driver goes in fine, normal reinstall
yeah is win 10 i just used windows usb tool thing
Hi10 driver (to solve problem it can't video).zip

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was one of the first ssd systems, so would load the mini os in a few sec
but like, then what

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browser, email, prob some messenger app
this was before everything was facebook

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damn it still does that POST dual boot menu shit
i did its a bios thing
its like the asus express gate shit
yeah its linux with 4 apps

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k windows installinating

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GHz pwm

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good for jack shit
and even that is prob mad drama
maybe if you made the whole fucking thing out of ceramic

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okay but i feel like if i make scroll springs that work, the rest is like $10 in ramdom shit from lowes
and if it goes wrong, no boom
i just like, sits there
ferrite magnets are fine with it i think
so yeah just enamel is the problem
my guess is ceramic shatters are soon as the bearings start skipping
thats in an engine block
with a bunch of rubber damping
on a part theyve made billions off
well they start brittle
and for slow speed motor yeah prob fine
i think mostly the issue is how to hold ceramic in precision high tension designs
right, so you have to mount the ceramic tight, then wrap it, probably not very tight

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use some speedo cable
so like, scroll spring treated to not die in the heat seems like most practical built in thing
flywheels are def the most badass
start my drums like a racecar
just throw some ice in a chamber
i want to be able to slide like four of these things in
i just had the idea of a brake for the flywheel
then had a vision of my drums tripping around in an oven like hamster tripped on his wheel
then id have to pay for some guys oven

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rab: drum to tumble beans in oven
rab: i havent even been air popping, i just throw that shit in at 500F in a stainless bowl and shake around with an oven mitt every few minutes
comes out kind of even
because torque efficiency on that is prob shit
but right also i thought a turbine would be cool
just because like, turbine
rab: gut says mass to power it is within an order of magnitude but still all wrong
flywheels is hardcore but gonna kill someone
prob me
but ovens get rid of those
get rid of that

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i mean, i could just buy some SS pistons, rods and valve bits
and do the rest in 6061 with a brass sleeve
right i can just pick a kit has stuff will work
i should really look into high temp scroll springs
i could maybe figure out how to heat treat scroll springs
like, maybe kill off a bunch of their force but have em consistent
yeah that might just keep degrading tho
i was thinking of that but then you got me paranoid
right but i can take it up with controlled timing and quench to lock in goodness
i actually had a pretty good prof for material science so if i had the alloy type i could maybe figure it out
theres likely temp i can bring it up to and let it sit at and some quench time that makes it all work
because magic

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and figure out how much of a block of 6061 i need to machine out
i mean
i could just be like fuck seals
just machine them flat enough and take the inefficiency
yeah totally
this is so much fucking drama to spin a drum
theres full aluminum kits
im sure rings are metal and they usually look like theyre brass sleeved?
but right, not painted and body and stand done in aluminum
i can prob just get a flange bushing
like, i dont want this shit to do fast

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but i think its iffy
like itll be really awkward probably
same with flywheels
pull it would of the oven and it just kind of flips and sprays beans all over kitchen
for what
just have him sit in the oven and turn a crank?
im pretty sure that will give the beans a smell
i feel like weights will work but not enough
like id have to start the weight at the top of the oven and have it drop to the bottom with pulleys
and thats crazy awkward
yeah that seems about right
or 10 lbs dropping 2 feet
it kind of always goes back to the opriginal steam engine joke
does someone just make this?
oven steam engine?
but i could use their design
really i should just math it all out

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nope im wrong
d0gzpaw: no
i want a single windows partion and ill use the microsd for most storage
it has 64GB emmc and i got a 64gb microsd
im pretty sure i like that this has full plastic shell and no soft touch paint, vs the metal chamfered edge shit on the other chuwis
that sounds right
i think a big scroll spring might be cool, like i wouldnt be doing anything crazy with it and can prob be okay with it losing a lot of force
but i dunno if they make high temp ones
right i was thinking that too

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slow progress is slow
oh i mean better to keep it off the network
who knows
the install is actually light as fuck
lighter than ive ever seen on typical oem stuff
its like vanilla windows + android switch hack
blackmoon: what temps do you think head springs are rated for?
heh, i need something that turns maybe few mm of travel into few dozen drum rotations at 500F
blue is prob over 1000F

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d0gzpaw: media creation tool needs to be run on pc its going to install to?
or it just formats the usb correct and it figures out what to do after boot?
i dont want to let the chuwi on my wifi until i nuke it
why i dont know but it seems better
im not sure ive bought anything this super china'd

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fuck this android trash wtf 15 partitions
its prob fine
sure if i can get the same windows
but i think its just home edition
right ive done this
well thats good
yeah i had a win xp sp2 9in1 or 7in1 used forever, then some win7 sp1 thing
blackmoon: ick

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timecop: what if the licence is for some funk ass oem version?
how does windows soft keyboard not have a windows key
keyboard gets here tomorrow
i have wireless kbd w/ touchpad somewhere
i need to up ram from 1066 to 1600 in bios too
system info screen says windows 10 home

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timecop: Hi10 got here (not plus or pro or HiBook), excellent screen is excellent, still waiting on keyboard
fucking C: is sliced up into 15 partitions
need to get the license off it and reinstall this donk
this one has two usb-a, including a usb3, but charges through microusb =(
ha their charger switches way low, way under 10khz sounds like

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