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thats not bad idea

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maybe those plus some hot glue

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sculptor: yeah the electronics look above avg for china stuff
but not hard to replace, probably

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SOFT vs NORMAL flips the motor onto diff timing contacts
4 sec on, 6 sec off
like, you can hear the other set clicking
and same knob, other direction selects drain, which actuates something with enough force it shifts the whole control panel
maybe i can pwm solenoid valves
like with 5 second period

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macgyver0: yeah theres all sorts of contacts going off inside
i scrolled all the way, neat site tho
did you get these already?
ha, k

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wonder how it does the wash motor osillation
sculptor: link to motor plumbing valves?
i dunno, i think under sink tubing is 3/4"?
wash is on a 20 sec cycle, 8 sec CCW constant speed, 2 sec rest, 8 sec CW constant speed, 2 sec rest
i think probably i just do relays? so 110vac

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so i got that china portable washer
pic on the manual cover is diff than the outline graphic inside, one inside does not have water inlets and just says 1. Pour the water.
super chinese, The Trouble shooting
it has a corrugated tube for the inlets, just ends on one end, no fitting
timers are mechanical
and it has a wiring diagram on the back

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yes it will

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yeah i was confused then i read backwards more
heh @ 50 year slide

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rab: what happens when you change timezones?
does it click over or fade?
youre saying it uses the gps time to reset the rtc time?
i should read scroll down instead of up

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