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timecop: lode says its all just satire and you are just a big fake not an eskimo
timecop: i dont think $2.1M in lost profit just goes unnoticed
honestly m$ prob made millions of those

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yeah i have two ship emails for same order number

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no there is tracking email from carrier
readerror: i dunno what happened
on woot it is like, estimated delivery date, last month
and there is tracking link, but tracking shit is like SEE YOU MONDAY K
and woot sent shipping email
something broke

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woot is like, YOU ORDER HAS SHIPPED, i am like, you sent these shirts i washed them today
how is this to be

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im not
im also not surprised they eventually went wtf
like 139 surface tabs
m$ has a guy whose job is just to track this
guy prob makes graphs because wtf else you do
like, the numbers suggest he was trying to see how much he could do before being caught, or he is addicted to something expensive
maybe cars, guy had a BMW M thing

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readerror: this article only has government names
obv troublemaker is obv
right it would be decent if it was little
that shows up as a slice in quartlerly meeting slides
'our failure rate is fucked what is this?'

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about half of them
i will not defend lunix widget kits
gtk can get fucked
box wm kick windows ass in terms of window and desktop management
prob because scroll wheel wasnt a thing in 1995

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i imeant other widget menus
right which isnt a thing unless you alt or control
i dont thats why this is weird timecop
why would i double click in the corner where the context menu nobody uses is?
but i was obviously correct in who to discuss the issue with
taskbar is just a copy of the corner menu
double clicking taskbar icon doesnt make it close
its a windows standard titlebar/corner button thing
that only you know about

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double clicking upper left corners of windows closes them?
timecop: how long has this been a thing?
thats annoying, i was just trying to make shit big
motherfucker, i said upper left, not right, and i said double click, not click
why would you normally do that
instead of just clicking the x
this bold thing means something?
right im clicking around for other examples
even notepade doesnt have this shit
i said doesnt
and it just seems to be standard wm shit
so thats why double clicking the titlebar makes it big?

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it can display images, but it just kind of throws them inline
like, its all inline, it doesnt split shit into pages, at least it doesnt seem to, so you resize text and page numbers all change

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macgyver0: its light
but thats because its pretty much just a rich text format
and i think even in that context its limited
like, its LCD ereader data
displayed in times new roman
pdf is actual documents

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i know russians can be problematic
but they sure are generous about textbooks
also epub is stupid

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holy shit sumatra pdf is so light shit doesnt even have a find function?
why is software so shit

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laughing if the dmm is the only load

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