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unless it dies then i will be angry and i will blame all of chinese
heaters are kind of scary
my new one says honeywell, which gives me false sense of confidence, and has a little foot so it knows if it got kicked over
and it has a cooldown function, like a turbo timer on its fan
and cap touch and segment led display and it oscillates, tiny robot heater
the thermostat is useless tho
because when it shuts off it turns the fan off and never turns it back on
like, what are you measuring fan, we know you are warm inside, check the air in the room, we live in the room, fan

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yeah my friend had one of those
like, my rice cooker looked more appropriate
you have to do the fill and drain
and think its just motor timers
there is a space in my bathroom between sink and shower for it
and sink is like, on open bottom stand so i can T fitting the hoses in there and pop out hoses to washer
i put a heater in a bathroom overnight and dried out bunch of jeans and shorts
and yeah in a month i wont need the heater
my sink is not so big tho
this is better

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i am reloading pwm ARR from mainloop or wherever and i had to check to make sure count wasnt high or itd miss the reload sometimes and just count forever
and its a 32b timer so forever is really forever
bitch gonna make me read
i think in the readings its just like, an update event
i guess because normally i just set flags in mainloop and handle period updates in a pwm timer interrupt real quick, way before cnt is close to reloads
maybe this is why i always do that

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i want to put a temp and hit that shit like right away
max possible right away
and stay there
and be able to maintain temp while adjusting flow
with cap touch and giant white 7 segments
behind dark tint lexan or something
no just jack the temp up, have input and output temp sensors
then like, variable flow valves on hot and cold
timecop: isnt ARR supposed to be buffered?
does compare match/pwm flip count as an update event?

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guys i bought a small portable washing machine
like, the biggest small one
maybe i can automate some of the things
i think i am supposed to fill manually through tewbs
i can do pid water temp mixing
then i can realize my automated shower dream
i bet that is already a thing for the rich fucks
sculptor: where do i water valves

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macgyver0: im pretty sure that is intentional
on better supplies, you dont flip switches, there are sense circuits that will configure the supply for the right range
for example, a lot of SMPS arent rated from 80-265V, theyre rated for like 80-130V and 200-260V, because theyre reconfiguring transformer primaries or a voltage doubler
like, i think the cables are meant to support the inlet, which is meant to be universal
debatable how smart that is

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blackmoon: i think it does indirectly?
it references power stanbdards for regions
so for example in japan it is prob 100V +/- 15% or whatever
i think the rating standard is 10% and 15% is typical R&D target for headroom

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blackmoon: that looks fine boxes have strain relief
i wired my pool timer into an IEC cable like that

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what the fuck is a clip on electrical outlet
mfkr thats prob UL rated

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