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that sucks

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that sucks
macgyver0: prob same tradeoff with motors

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macegr: weird, was after moving?
maybe they didnt like the road trip
pretty sure tek manuals are like YOU CANNOT TRANSPORT ME. EVER. NO!
macgyver0: ?
i mean, we would get it on purpose
Al magnet wire = lighter voice coils = higher sensitivy \o/, higher resonance =(

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readerror: excellent performance, tips are fragile is fuck
i mean you can say its not a problem, but in a lab it means the shit is basically unusable after few months
because engineers
i think the tips are hollow
again, functionally i would that isnt a problem, but since they wont handle regular tip abuse, they end up bent and crushed
im talking about metcals
i assume these are almost identical in material and dimensions

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doesnt have that stupid auto off tac switch in the handle, nice

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unless it burns out faster
or has poor control because its over such a wide range
huh, aoyue one is 500W
guess 700W isnt so nuts

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14:48:21 <@Rab> renesis, for what purpose?
deterrence vs small weapons
basically, people might strike us because they think the strike is too small to retalliate against with nuclear weapons
so we will make small ones
also, the strategic weapon system is probably all sorts of broken
no way an untested system that large is going to work close to planned
anyway their reasoning is bullshit
the mil wants tac nukes because the mil wants to tac nuke mfkrs
mid east and alaska are fucked

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tac nukes justified at white house press briefing

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Net5 (Bread Only)

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rab: wait so bread is cash if contract says?
this is good

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