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omg forget to set button pullups, project flipping out

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yeah i broke it
i dunno wtf i did
reinstalled all the shit
still flips out like this random file not there, like, its there bitch
it started when i tried to use cdc middleware
no that shit just works

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k, so right before that looks like some shit to load arrays, then system_init()
cool youre right i should just trash their system init
what is bss
why is it filling it with zeros
because fuck reading their init shit
no its just the hal shit
i want more gigamegs
so you know why eclipse is better than keil?
because i can move the tabs in the editor
i miss the function completion and parameter popup in keil

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timecop: if i have a startup file, and it has .word Reset_Handler, how do i make a c file with Reset_Handler(void) connect to it
just trying to see how much nothing i can get it to spin with
yeah i figure i just hijack its init shit
yeah ofc
oh, fucking weird
asm broke notepad++ highlights, bl main is there

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heh, flywheels

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blackmoon: i could use weights
like, i guess heavy weight on a geared pulley
thats shits never gonna work
clearly steam engine is the answer

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yeah looks about same as xylotex

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looks like maybe 1us after CS up
i guess doesnt matter as long as its consistent

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does 128th microsteps, i want to do it gecko style, so instead of multiplying input steps needed it just microsteps across an entire full step when you pulse

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doesnt matter, shit is mass production as fuck
theyll still run shit as fast as it takes to fuck it up, then back off
did you see the st step driver chip i posted?
kind of makes sense to just roll my own step drivers instead of buying new ones
no idea i was looking at them last week
powerstep01, built in dual bridges, spi in
have to figure out latency
$37 dev board, $10 chip, decent qty dicsount
so like, $20 and have crazy fast driver assuming the spi latency doesnt fuck it all up

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right the block diagram with all the dividers and warnings saves a ton of time
without that it wouldnt even be obvious what internal clock the timer runs off of without finding a table somewhere in the ref manual
definitely headroom on what they release
maybe wouldnt work at higher ambients, or something doesnt matter might be slightly out of spec
wonder how fast f407 goes
pretty much
how do you know theyre not binned because they cant hit 184?

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yeah no surguey on the dancefloor
no surgery while typing, either
k so confirmed, st didnt break cubemx to atollic workflow

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past me payed two months of net bill without telling future me

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