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wtf is rutronik
zee germans
looks non stock
jero32: cheapest price for st step drive board, but looks like bullshit

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jero32: sounds like precalc
i hate series shit, it comes up for like a week in almost every class after
dunno, seems similar
even in america, the exact divs between math courses isnt exact, but generally the sequences are similar
they kind of have to be because cumulative
if you have dont derivative calc yet, its prob next
havent done
was good that i had to take that before uni
was like an 8 year gap since the previous math class, so good review
i feel like that with every math class, i dont really get the stuff very well until ive used it in applications

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id prob do a platter with big cylinder of compartments on top, and some solenoid to unlock doors
yeah 12V 10A
no fridge

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now i just kind of want this ST driver because its a bit ridic and awesome
v range is pretty typical for step drivers
zener reg is kind of a dissapointment, means i gotta use an external reg for the controller
pretend application is tour bus vending machine
what math?
like, sum the things series?
rab: yeh
i wouldnt do it like this

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...through 90
looks fun!
least it is almost symmetric!
the pair of full bridges i found on amazon would be like $10 more
well, prob a wash after shipping
so i better buy even more stuff!
the annoying part is he wants us to find a motor meets spec, then make bom
but motors with specs are gonna be like $50-100
the solution is that school has bins of motors
but im like, then we have to redesign the drives, and hes like shrug WE MAKE IT WORK
so ya prob best to go overkill on the drive

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tho, i found an st board that is like, microstepping dual h bridge with SPI input
do i dont have to step/dir or littlest step table
ST evil power.
i hate that cart-linked page bullshit
$10 chip
yeah dig those pins direct connected to giant pads

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i think 14awg sjoow both will go through, but 12 wont
or maybe its 16 and 14 wont, shrug
you can always just be like fuckit and not use the loop, heh
they break off on the cheap ones, like if they get stepped on
without the loop they are pretty much as safe as binding posts, shrug
i put a cardboard baffle behind my empty bay plates and now my fan filters actually work
rab: i am taking motors class, and shit is so high level it hurts
when i mentioned that a lot of dual H bridge arent step-dir, hes like OMG GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

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BU60 rawr
no into the side
the ends are where you put the screwdriver and the next MDP
you put the wires through there
yeah is not super pretty
mfkr what is the top?
one is pick is fake
*in pic
shrug, i feel like who makes it matter more than spring shape
smaller wires you can loop around
larger wires, only one will fit so you have to ziptie

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alonc with some cool tek scopes i never use
i should sell that shit
kucinich just emailed that he misses me
bitch i have gone no where
oh he wants to be governator of ohio
silicone is test lead cable
im not a huge fan, very flexy but super soft
i think those are pvc insulation, thats what it feels like
cheap minigrabber will unbend, and then eat the plastic housing

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rab: punk rock
jero32: only shit i buy are the needle tip probes
you can get cool grabber shit, but honestly i used needle probes and custom cables made out of pomona MDP and meuller BU60 95% of the time
jero32: almost never, thats money better spent on audio connectors
i mean if i had all the money in the world i would just buy all the pomona shit ever
its actually very reasonable, even at frys
but like, id rather have PTFE wire and high quality connectors, and options
yeah get deals there
pennis on the dollar, most that shit
i think thats where most my personal pomona shit is from

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shit is long as a v12 is about all they have against them
that and more expensive
more expensive is prob the reason, safety is prob an excuse
they effectively seem them with cylindical holes, now, cant really do much cheaper
what i find annoying is when they are recessed, but dont have the recessed ring around them
so you cant use them with the probes that have the sleeve over the banana
i think most fluke probes are sleeved
jero32: MDP are for making custom cables, pretty much
like, build system with MDP dongling off it to connect direct to PSU, amps, DMM, etc
custom cables are nice but they dont always work, and a lot of time they get cut up and turned into custom cables that work, anyway
rab: o
maybe i just get another crx or an mr2
actually i poke d0gz about those accords

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yeah they should be like 1/4" deeper
nanas be hanging like 1/3 out when stacked, so they will bend
like a banana
is like, recursive banana
maybe i should get a volvo
like, i can get a hoopty or save up for summer rents
would prob be a 940
because id like something mostly non-disintegrated
i wouldnt buy one of those
volvo became something else after the 940 turbo
enabling super mom's escape from nuclear shockwave
v90 was a ford volvo tho, wasnt it?
its really hard to make an i6 that isnt awesome

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MDP with missing set screws is pretty sad
like, MDP plus SJOOW and some heatshrink is like, real ultimate power shit
-n is the color
jero32: nub is ground
nub is always ground
shrug, colors on MDP for tracking channels
pretty i socred them in all 10 colors couple jobs ago
i think for the rack dsp setup
*pretty sure i scored
was very sexy

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get MDPs
its safer that wat
pomona mdp, google
its basically a dual wire to banana adapter, with strain relief loop, that you can stick banas into the back of
but the banas will stick out a bit
works, tho
youre european
pretty sure the standard spacing is illegal some places
so they ship binding posts on power amps with little plugs
.75" is standard
because nanas stick out?
or because you can reverse them?
the polarity indicator is fucking huge
dont wire them backwards like, fuckit, and dont plug them blind
anyway, i think MDP is the cheapest dual solution and the plastic and metal is good shit

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jero32: everything else is usually copies of pomona
worth it for lab shit
click around, maybe something little cheaper that works
hate those
parts express has shit like that too
the plastics are usually way soft
and the banana flares go flat sooner
good shit lasts decades
jero32: you just want wires into dual banana?

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k that helps i was looking other way
items 1, 2, 4 and 20
fig 3
my bad, 19, 20 is the screw
and 1, 2, and 4 are just listed as pcb subassys
thats almost an MDP
jero32: for that stuff, look it up at pomona

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3-22 has decoder setup
rab: yeah looks like a ton of little lamps, and maybe some way to mix the optics
the level of fuuuuuuuu is prob why they didnt put them on much
rab: yeah now i think is some elaborate light pipe setup

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figure like 4 decades, 2 or 3 ranges per decade
i wonder if its like, spliced optics and as many indicators as ranges

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man so im looking at this ST step motor drive IC eval board
shit has vreg pin, is solder jumped to VDD, cant find the vreg
because its a fucking zener in series with 100k =(
what the fuck does NM mean? looks like a no fill, no assemble, DNI type indicator
no manufacture?
they name that shit like they dont want you to know what it is
rab: like 3 or 4 bits in?

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ive never seen it on their scopes, just curve tracers
shit is gorgeous
its for indicating ranges, i think, so there might only be few multi-pixel indicators to route
so like, symbol part of the units could all be one indicator, then you need maybe one or two more to do u and m, then few more to light up 1, 2, 5 or 0
right the gear functionally seemed analog as fuck

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no one bought into fw800, no ones going to buy a next gen solution
how many tapes
this job
youre less typical than me
which means you are meaningless to hardware designers
so $1500?
this job
anyway, if its more than 6 tapes, just buy a sony vcr in box and a capture card

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meanwhile all your gear was designed and manufactured with windows
blackmoon: theres almost always a 1394 front panel header
firewire 800 is a minor improvement over old usb speeds, at the cost of drivers that actually fucking work
firewire is like usb 20 years ago
technically it works but its broken on everyone real world install
yeah but its usually broken
meanwhile, usb shit has just worked no drama for last 15 years
isnt worth the trouble
theyre brand fucking new
and mostly shit works
anyway, how much are you charging for this?

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or tell them to bring the video camera in
prob the trash the_gfr|w
because vhs
do they have the video camera?
well theres your vhs player
prob someone online will do it for $20
why would you want firewire anything
complete waste of mobo real estate
full quality vhs is like, fuzzy nintendo graphics
blackmoon: i have to fuck with firewire drivers at work because people like the_gfr|w
theyre almost always drama
i bet your mobo has the port
and it def has a header

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maybe it is a big VFD with fibers
would explain the alignment stuff
like, the actual matrix is maybe 2x the displayed characters
and then it seems kind of normal VFD elements
i dont think you can buy a vhs player not connected to a TV or dvd player
mad sexy
vhs with firewire
are you made because you cant find a super bettle with hybrid motor and self driving controller?
are you mad because you cant find a super beetle with hybrid motor and self driving controller?
a 70s bug
the_gfr|w: so buy it
or subcontract it to someone who actually does this

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rab: what is this technology!?
i think we had this convo in here like 10 years ago
i think bottom of box is giant matrix of incadensents, and there are fibers to each one
not really but wtf how did they even
heh @ tiny tiny bulbs
it prob slides little baffles into place
thats what it looks like irl
i thin it has a card deck of baffles and some jogging selector that slides them in

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most decent shit is protected
a lot of stuff sill compress signal to cool, so not that noticable
nice @ protect LED
hey you know those tektronix dot displays?
70s shit?
what are those?
its on their curve tracers and other weird shit
it looks like fiber
i bet rab knows
that shit dont glow like LEDs or VFD

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haha @ joellama devoiced everyone
joellama: mean!
across the whole port, flow averages to zero
but in general, itll suck more in places and blow more in places
right but you just feel air moving across your hand
turbulence, so flow isn't a/c in all places
shrug, this seems to be the case
takes awhile
blackmoon: it does with larger ports, usually
coil gets mad hot, but its insulated af, so everything else tends to heat up slow

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hello b0ssman, welcome to this place

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