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could prob fully automate this, its like a stomp process and a welding process for 4 conically located parts
but the coolest shit is feet wont fall through
bet it weighs almost exactly the same
blackmoon: i think the edges would probe be fine with the perf sheet but i bet the corners would look like complete ass
be interesting if it catches on and diff designs happen

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stronger to have the continuous edges
plus the roll around the wire shelve bar
shipping is huge for export businesses
like, packaging is big
companies been competing at china import stuff for like 20-30 years
labor cost goes up so cost gets taken out of everything else
this is why you see crazy designs that save 2 resistors and few mm of space
like, theres no welding
theres no worting wires into welding jigs

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well, that would be your cost
factory maybe had machine just sitting there
right im saying their die making machines
if youre a sheet metal factory and your bro is a wire factory and you got no business, shit happens cheap
place stomps out custom sheet prob gonna have one or a few of those
if you ordered custom sheet from them, they would charge you 20k for the tooling
but if machine is just sitting and theyre not stomping anything, cost to them is stock

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its only 11:23 pm

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check out this new era shit

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Made in America = cut corners and prisoner slave labor

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to commit crime

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and theyll make it 30 days in jail if caught the next day

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heh, bad!

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sure i get it, and yeah it looks neat, i just dont care that much
also youre not really going to notice more than 60 fps
gaming on linix hasnt been a concern for me for like 12 years
well, for the majority of paying customer, the_gfr|w
looks like it has about 0-5% market share

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fallout is same, never going to be as awesome as the originals but modern updates with the same vibe are awesome
i mean, i prob spent dozens of hours playing TIS-100, obviously graphics arent a big deal to me
i dont like newer fzeros because they dont feel liek the original, they just feel like floaty cart games
also wtf at 130fps
racing games are playable at 30 fps

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when did you do this?
i missed that line i just saw BN or rimworld
looks angbandy
oh i guess i google dwarf fortress not rimworld
that does look pretty
what was that genesis rpg? starsomething? kind of looks like that to me
maybe phantasy star
yeah i think it was that, kind of tech fantasy
anyway, i dont mind 2d sprite games, 3d 1st person shit is bonus but it doesnt make a game
like, 3d metroid was awesome because somehow it felt like original 2d metroid

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thats not true ive had them new and played through fine
sure it crashed a few times
load save, blast some deathclaws, shrug
i havent really cared about id titles except for new wolfenstien
i like games that are good and dont mind bugs and shit graphics if they are
i still play f-zero often
im playing original fallout now
okay well dont to where you fall into the world!
you can have a non buggy gorgeous shit game
11:11:52 < THE_GFR|W> so you like shit graphics, bugs and horrible gameplay?
are you dense?
i like good games
the graphics and bugs are secondary if i like it
if the bugs are so bad i cant play it, i wouldnt like it
very few games i play are that buggy
whats rimworld!?
except millions of people play through on release
which would kind of discredit your statement

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linux for games was always a novelty
tho i got morrowind running in wine fine
shrug, if the game is good that doesnt matter
why what?
why would i care about 130fps?
rab: i am both offended and amused by these wheels
bethesda isnt id
no one is, shrug
shrug, bethesda made fo real in 3d and didnt completely fuck it up
you didnt so i like bethesda better
i dunno ive prob played thousands of hours of their games, theyre usable
whats the problem with that?

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i always thought that it working at all was magic
so you consider the complexity of the new ones vs the originals, the fact that theyre playable along the story or just however you want it a huge accomplishment
its a fucked up amount of writing and design, even before you start scripting shit
its bound to be broken
morrowind was same shit in 3d, the broken shit is pretty minor compared to the web of storylines that actually fucking worked, but if you want to be absolute about it, its broken
i dunno it has witch in the title, already uninterested
i think you are not trying hard enough
okay well dont do that

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bug free doesnt make a game good to me
its nice, but obviously not top priority because pretty much every game ive ever played had some bug somewhere
well, considering you played it on a pc you built, i wouldnt expect it to run well
blackmoon: that was an issue in a few places in 2d fallout
thats kind of the point
thats when you rage kill the entire map and load an old save
the_gfr|w: sure
yup, but it still worked
fallouts kind of felt like it was a giant machine held together with twine, heh
or just save in all the slots
like, saves aside, fallout and fallout2 are totally fucking broken
almost no one would be able to play it first time through without constant saves
its not just because of the open non linear gameplay
its because the whole thing is a shuffled mess

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shrug, morrowind, fo3, fonv, and fo4 are some of the best games in the history of games
all complicated non linear rpg have issues
oblivion was complete shit compared to morrowind
as what?
oblivion wasnt morrowinds engine
afaik, oblivion is fallouts engine
okay then youre being kind of broad
and obviously its a great engine if they made those games with it
what games do you like besides oblivion?
i didnt ask that
weve already established you loved the worst game in both series

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theres another one?
bethesda fallout is awesome
they basically made my dreams real
that has nothing to do with fallout
good games work with shit graphics
fallout and fallout 2 had mad bugs
a few game killers

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yeah looks neat!
also, fuck
the load key for fallout one is the quicksave key for fallout 2
so i just loaded instead of saved

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