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oh: 15 year old random dell pc from craigslist gets like half the jitter as my 10 year old system w/ q6600, 4gb ram, some nvidia gpu
was like 24us vs 12us
but then it randomly locked up in bios couple times, and then once with os running
tho maybe it was wireless kbd/touchpad dying, but i fell asleep before checking, and now i dont care so much

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lordpil.org doesnt log /me shit?
wtf timecop

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22:44:32 < timecop> http://lordpil.com/blog/archives/2007-10-06 wow i missed the 10year birthday of this place
22:45:39 < timecop> http://www.lordpil.com/blog/archives/2007-10-17#1025 renesis still a cheap fuck 10 years later
yes obviously thats why you did the site
this is some broadcast make:r shit? why do i care

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eh that loans paid off
if i was better at being a cheap fuck, id prob be eating more
typically i try and buy things that last, like that cnc, which is still making parts
and right, im still not able to get 3 hour leadtime PCB for next to nothing using normal fab

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sculptor: what is the tiny windowed attic space?

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