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be nice

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with this

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also vice mobo reports that lobbyists blocked implimenting a test system by system rollout
ability to test the shit doesnt happen until next year

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timecop: haha wtf @ dance at the end
sculptor: irc friend in hawaii right now says by lunch no one gave a fuck, no one was talking about it

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timecop: blog has lots of neat shit

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shrug, legit clone is still a clone
neat theyre ARM partners tho

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do you trust electrical test data?
my guess is all that shit works fine at room temps and is prob out of specs at the ends of operating temp ranges
in general getting shit to work at room temps is cake compared to actually hitting complete test spec, which doesnt matter in 95% of apps

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the packages and pinouts didnt always match, but there was documentation

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holy shit i didnt see the c in the url
do the links work for you?
i prob just installed a keylogger
shrug, if the fake works
i could find datasheets for a lot of the random controllers on CM designed boards

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right i dont really agree
if the kid likes the hoodie thats okay even if it was meant to be insulting
oh, i dont think they cared about the kid
which is sad, but thats child modeling and acting
but people lieing for entertainment is kind of a staple of human civilization, so what you gonna do?
lieing, pretending, whatever, kids gonna get exploited so their parents can make money

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i think that it depends on context and doesnt have a fixed meaning
jero32: well, black kid or not the statement stands on its own
coolest monkey in the jungle
blackmoon: dude people would riot
alt-right bunch of snowflakes, always the victim
jero32: the context is black people exist in america?
im not really arguing, im explaining both sides
i said i think its neat but that its also offensive to a lot of people
and that h&m is PR savvy enough to know this would be the fallout, so this is almost certainly intentional
too many layers of stupid
theyre just as likely to be hateful racists fucks as stupid, if you want to claim its not intentional
i dont think knowing the reasons is important
i think the debate surrounding it is positive even if its pissing people off

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because its legitimately insulting to a lot of people
kevtris: because racists use words like that as dog whistles
and too deny that would be like, peak idiocy
and to act like racism isnt an issue in america is silly
anyway, im a monkey
two monkies
because chinese astrology and western astrology, but i can accept that people gonna be sensitive about it because its been used as a racist insult against them
no fuckin way
H&M knew the fallout and pushed the button
im fine with it, the debate doesnt hurt anything
its a elgitimate debate, and there are people who would be the target of the insult who would be into it
because concrete jungle reference, because monkeys are the smart animals
jero32: if its deragatory

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eh, they wanted publicity, they got it
advertising success
im okay with the mom telling people to fuckoff and get over it, but im also okay with people pointing out it was retarded
i kind of feel bad for the kid, he prob thought it was a cool hoodie. i kind of think its cool hoodie
my first reading would be dancehall/ska context concrete jungle, but right its going to piss a lot of people off
jero32: bullshit
H&M is a media/PR empire
they knew exactly what this would do
to create this controversy

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its wood fiber soaked in some sort of mineral solution
yeah looks like bamboo

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haaaa fire and furty is in its 11th printing
its a week old
blackmoon: sure i did part yesterday about that, but fuckit im going low on sfm and high on chip load until tool is over
i can wait

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yeah this just vs 6061
i havent tried steel on the machine in prob 10 years
prob as good as the rock wood that was there
you should use towel!
the other side of the wall is your neighbor?

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did you wear a mask? i hope you wears a mask
i want a big copper disk to put under my cast iron frying pan

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fuckin hss
1000 rpm, machining one of the edges sounds like its chewing up screws in a blender
feeding at like 6 ipm. carbide is like, 10krpm and feed as fast as machine will go
very nice

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holy fuck

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