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oh, also fuck amtrack they block spotify
and fuck spotify for not storing some local hash of my password
k nite

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i dunno because not secret because already posted vids
i think is sleep times
np, i listen a lot all your stuff pops up on my youtube

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and for balanced shit, id take decent neutrik knockoffs over real switchcraft xlr
i have def seen this, remember the cartoon of electrocuted dude
kostix: i think they are connecting a car timing light to shield grounds?
heheh, 'hummer'

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most cables are fine electrically, cheap shit falls apart tho
shrug, if it works
ive worked at audio companies had an embarassing amount of shit cables
stupid shit like shielded rca cables, with balances cable, with the shield not connected either side
fance overmolded connectors with torn boots
this was just some marketing shit
they were like bright blue and green
id rather have the skinny cheap cables with 80s looking ends

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2k to 20k, some stuff is higher tho
and like, guitar type shit is like 50k to 1M
because fuckit
and synth guys like somewhere between guitar shit and studio shit
well, we made fun of this luthier doing work on a guitar project
because he was really pissy about which cables to use for the pickups
he could hear the diff, shrug
anyway, i tested bunch of pickups because we needed to make a mass production electrical spec
not uH, or mH, multiple henries
so yeah the 20pf/ft actually makes a diff
was prob close to 100pf, but right he wasnt making shit up
naw, some people can legit hear shit
like, you can abx them and they will pick it out every time
but the people i knew like that spent a lot of their lives with a measurement mic in their hand looking at distortion analyzers
cant stand cheap cables

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if its not ac coupled you can pretty much put DC on it
so its just a master output to the world?
thats guitar hacker shit
its hard to AC couple shit like that if youre going for a certain frequency response
if youre connecting it to a bunch of other random ass shit
well, i would just put an opamp
pot before the opamp, then you can do whatever after
ac couple, dc couple and trust the amp protection
the problem on the output side is you dont know the input impedance on the other side

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i wonder if you can maybe get it to jump out of spec
oh, huh
then yeah maybe just wasnt tested
man wtf
so maybe you can feed it into itself somehow and get it to stick on a rail or something
like if you maxed out a bunch of shit or just got it oscillating weird
but i mean, maybe even just pwm a square to the output

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oh neat you have an arturia
i played with one of those at a NAMM few years ago
there was a fucking line to try it
cool what broke?
like literally burnt?
right i dunno if thats fucked up or awesome that it can do that
and left it there
or test the shit with dc squares

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i think i can do it with normal adsr synth
and a noise table

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were not frens like that tc
guys the spinny robut got me an A in controls after getting a 25% on a midterm
kostix: the stuff 8min in is super neat
i dont even know if its same vid,
you need a drum machine

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i think it was like keil
i dont remember why i didnt keep on using it, maybe the license, shrug
i moved a whole bunch of cubemx->keil code to attolic and it compiled fine
i just had to change the preprocessor shit for byte aligning variables
some of the hal shit flips out if you feed it non-16b aligned data

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i got attolic working before i left
so i can all the f4 flash for free
no new release

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they want social media spams
timecop: have you gotten Al pcb from them?
i have an idea

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timecop make the red ! go away

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i cant find how to turn it off
systray icon has a 'dismiss graphics notifications' checkbox, but that shit is still like red !
maybe it has some required mem check based on one of the graphics settings and since i maxed it out its decided i need 3000GB of rams

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haha the yellow ! turned to red in the systray icon
like, come home after two weeks, everything else on the pc is running fine like i left it
yeah i opened it up and grabed some low poly model with an image tacked to one face, shit is moving fine
yeah, grabbed an assembly with neutrik connector model, prob hundreds of surfaces, pans and rotates without stuttering
whatever its set to is fine it just needs to stop bitching

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what do you do 3d modeling and fea stress/heat analysis in?
it looks like fusion360 has that shit but i try not to touch the not CAM shit in it
cam UI is annoying enough

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i got 32GB of mem and 3GB GPU mem and solidworks in my sistem tray like !!!! I NEED MOAR IM STAAARVING
like, it hasnt been in focus in two weeks
i said sistem

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tree fiddy?
also fuck smoking, i need to find that shatter i left

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sculptor: right when he started out he was way more permanent-50s military-politician like his dad and grandfather
hes probably exposed to enough western media that he felt embarassed
also i forget something every trip, this time it seemed to limited to my ssh keys
ah, poor horse
horse kept running
he ruined a pretty badass horse
i guess, i dont know anythign about horses
i was watching the new magnificent 7 and wondered how much a horse was adjusted for inflation
yeah way slower than i would expect

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