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im okay with those

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over the wrench?

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do you have double sided rubber hammer?
no the steel ones with screw in heads
there is like medium rubber for general use, and hard plastic for like, fuck-you-right-now applications
i use that shit like all the time
its not like a lathe thing to undo your chuck
its like, precision setup equipment
i guess because it bounces and feels repeatable
yeah this is not for that you will bend this
i mean you could prob ball peen that if you dont mind the look
i wonder if they are still pouring lead deadblow hammers at machine shop at old school
those felt soooo good
lead all over the chuck wrench handles

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those are #1
do you have rolling paper?
rice paper is .001"
you can just use a sharp tool and balls
or more rolling paper
beauty shop for rework tweezers, headshop for .001" paper shims
i dunno my shit steps at .00025
check the flat
see the rub
kill the blue bits
fat sharpie works
machinist = guy with all the files

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and came with the cutting tool
3/8" straight shank
blackmoon: haaa, yeah i was thinking about tramming my mill
then i realized
because i know what direction is lower from last time
naw it never is im pretty good about that
and my machine is mounted with cork and rubber waffle isolators
so like, any shack moved the whole machine
yeah i cant 1/2" shank
did you get a big mill?
i dont remember
oh right because you bought a bunch of endmills
you should get adjustable boring bar too
yeah that

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like .040 x .040 sheets of .003" foil
rab: yeah works awesome, no radius on the tool so finish is like, i dunno, rubby but smooth
bit chattery, but a lot cleaner than psychedelic patterns w/ 3/8" em
i dont have a grinder!
i was thinking maybe i ziptie my dremel to something
i took the very tip off with some fine sandpaper
but would take a week to put a radius on like that
finish like this is still awesome
im feeding at 1 ipm
and 1000rpm so its like, .001 cuts
yeah fuck maybe a flycutter
i think the one from taig was $30

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rab: heh, ask in cars
i think half those guys are from OT
tigerdrink is gone but pretty sure chad and solopsism are there
yeah dont go as rab
use a proxy or shell or something
honestly there are more pumpers in here than in there and theres only one alt-russian bitch left
haha @ tape
blackmoon: flycutter and radius endmills are my new favorite things
maybe like 4"?
or just under
little guy

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and the other is replacing the pwm control with a radial speed control
and using the gyro on the discovery board to pid the rotational speed
but really i should redesign the whole thing lighter
i kind of want to make a tiny i6 or flat 12
like, with little nitro motor pistons or something
but do it 4 stroke
rab: the one that is part of pacific states of america
baja to bc yo
fedex isnt tho?
you need a logistics robot

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rab: its not trying to stabilize the platform at all, its just trying to find a pwm value that balances the beam
so if the beam is moving, itll keep it moving
if you stop it, it generally keeps it stopped once the integral in wiped out enough
blackmoon: right
i think it stabilizes because the g force locks up the pendulum bearings
i mean, maybe it is that good
but right, tweaking the angle w/ pwm integration is one improvement

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like, we have to make a transfer function and feed to matlab to make a model plot to compare to actual data plot
you can take the transfer function and output function and pop out spring, damping and mass value for the modified arm
so like, more straight forward application would be like, force feedback throttle control
you could simulate diff springs and dampers
or active suspension
i bet the throttle would feel really good w/ three phase motor
yes, by setting the target angle
you could tweak it by like a degree and get in spinning in the direction you want
so i could integrate the drive pwm and adjust target angle accordingly

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i hear the pizza sucks but nazis like it anyway
rab: did you see spinny robot vid?
now feature length in hd w/ nunchucks
well, nunchuck
is dampy/springy thing, you have to feel it with a bunch of diff pid settings
like, its indirect tho

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yeah found that
page 10
so you want orange and yellow and black
is tha msp whatever 3.3v?
if not you might have problems
nope says its fine
if youre guy was good you probably wouldnt be here
on a plane
i thought he was dead
so good connect thing the things
today you have lernt to rtfm

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gnd txd rxd
on the gnd
of the board youre connecting to
are you using those for something else?
no the GND
just use one of those
and connect to rxd and txd
and thats it
make sure your bauds match
and stop and parity bits
and turn flow control off
i dunno its your shit you bought it

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that shit is really hard to read
doesnt the uart go to some usb uart chip on launchpad shit?
i dont even know what pins youre talking about
you guys are not EE why are you buying el cheapo shit
they go to j3
connect to j3
does it have pads or holes?
its a uart
get an adapter and put it to your pc
why do you think i linked the cp2102 shit
what did you buy
right but youre supposed to do that before hit the buy
theyre phd, they only know sadness
cp2102 is newer and more awesome

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you usually you dont do flow control
old hardware shit
like 1800s printers
my shit works i dont have to do anything
guys im going to make bacon and eggs and put it in the ramen

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well, from the pc to your thing
the jtag works or doesnt work
it probably works
you want to check the jtag, find the register with an LED pin, and flip the bit
typically jtag lets you access like, everything

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like, right click on a variable and do watch list or something
then reset program and run it
well, program that, youre CS
you want to know how to work the uart on the uc?
right, you can putty on the pc side
but entering binary values is hard like that
which means you have to decode on the uc
page 53
you have to configure the serial peripheral as a uart
well did you put a code to do something with it?
im really not sure what the problem is
can you see packets on your scope?

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and do all the less time critical shit in your main loop, with lower priority
you have to make sure everything else executes with time in idle
right put the uart code in the main loop
send the ti uC a command packet
wtf cannot reach those pins
its locked in a box?
its potted in epoxy?
okay next time, go like this:
i need a usb uart adapter to shock a rat
im not sure you can
but if you have the hack like such as the jtag working, cant you just debug with that?

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okay im going to assume its a very big rat
are they EE? have they ever routed a pcb?
i think youre going to need instrumentation amps or least bunch of opamps
wtf is the physics guy going to do?
sure thats all
anyway, what is problem
how many channels?
so make a program to push the uart
i dont know anything about the microcontrollers
but what i do on any microcontrollers is setup a timer interrupt
and that becomes the system tick or sample rate or whatever
so do all your rat stim code in the timer loop

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what ide
like, your compiler thing
okay ty for infos what is question
also what is project, what do the programs do
are you a bio student?
wtf c sharp, why do people learn these c+++ languages
that explains a lot
does the pcb have to be inside the rat?
can the rat have a cable?
i think a pcb backpack would be neat
have you ever routed a pcb?
do you have a solution for the edges?
rats going to slice himself in half

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snompler: hey fuck off
snompler: also what
who is mark
just explain in channel
whatever just say the thing
what do you mean code
libraries or code
do they both run

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i want this
but in cheap

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