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sculptor: is that just a thing that beeps or its something that can plot an image on a computer?

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theyre phosphorus rockets, no?
Calcium phosphide is often used in naval flares, as in contact with water it liberates phosphine which self ignites in contact with air; it is often used together with calcium carbide which releases acetylene.

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eggsalad: it crash
eggsalad: both

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making spinny death vid
i got like, bedroom lamps and my car phone holder suction cupped to some box tape
pro shit
so i dunno i loved my nexus 5, and my 5x is just really okay, plus the screen got some sort of pixel fungus
but cams on both work awesome
1st part cam app stopped sucking ass

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naw its using all of them, they were all bouncing between 30 and 80%
software isnt great, it leaves zombies in task manager

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naw im pretty sure it writes to local
sync will lag pretty often, files on disc if it hasnt upped yet
so like, its possible it doesnt matter
i did make sure to turn off the miner
yeah that shit isnt swapped either it survives across resets
so its writing to an SSD
and honestly almost nothing seems to pin my quad core things, possibly i am supposed to right click a thing and tell it high priority

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its the one for school
unlimited data, so i dump everything into it in course directories, have almost everything ive done for the last 3 years

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rab: kdenlive works, also it doesnt have weird keyframer artifacts at the end of sliced clips like openshot wtf

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3rd party shit

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oh, fuck its into a google drive so who fucking knows
and yeah it doesnt install, so running out of installers dir, off a platter raid1
need to reinstall, ssd all full of junk
user appdir shit and leftover fragments of uninstalled shit
rab: theres no way its going to encoder to over 1GB, theres like 24GB of mem free
doesnt even need to write to disc
does windows have ramdisks?

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eggsalad: will my encode finish, OR CRASH
eggsalad: do you mean one of my professors?
i wonder if thats like getting stuck in a zipper
omfg cpu at 40% and only 1/4 of mem used GO FASTER DO MORE

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rab: openshot is trash in windows, goes slower as you add more shit, until it was taking several minutes to complete anything, like moving clip or adding fades
so i tried kdenlive, some beta drama, download ffmpeg, default config doesnt point to encoder exe
you cant move the exe you have to change the config
else it finishes rendering 10min of video in 0:00:00
but ui is fast as fuck
omg progress bar moved so its not stuck
also invisible fonts in default theme textboxes

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