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furutacat is simulating bacon
holy shit found the resonant freq and scary pwm multiplier

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no it for bike not robutt
pizza almost here than i can work again, feer

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but who knows if it can also spin
maybe i could do like, brass sleeve w/ ball bearings

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would be mad sexy for dog clutch floaty part

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holy shit eth bumped 50%
not putting it to btc worked out, BITCHES IMA GET TWO PIZZAS
heh, ive paid irs with btc funds

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ah, ya kind of i guess
plastelin sounds neat
i will sell btc and get pizza
not here

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oh yeah, fuck $.50 color copies i had to pay $15 to turn in the report =(
no pizza for me

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he wants me to do it with a crappy pendulum
like a stick or plastic rod, to see if i can get it to oscillate and get standing waves
because looks neat
no idea how physics final went, i blanked on the thermodynamics heat engine part
and today in ethics class final i had to sit through an hour guest speaker talking about trash
fuck civil engineering i dont care about trash
'Visually, everything looked like an improvised explosive device of olive-oil.'
most stable bomb ever

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except i has to make video
and i got extra day for freq response bonus points
prof said my shit was grad level work and the best project hes seen in like 35 years
which is neat but my fridge still empty and car still gone

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