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its trader joes frozen stuff
so like, peanuts in a little baggie
i do fried rice with bacon, eggs and sliced almonds a lot, i go nuts with the almonds
also walnuts when i make mac on crack
i would have to ride bike like 4 miles and back
i usually have big bulk bag of peanuts but ive run out of everything
and sunflower seeds
because wtf cheap
sunflower seed butter is fucking awesome

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if i was president, i would make all kung pao chicken have 2x peanuts
fda #1 priority

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go push in all the tweeters

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rab: right that was the other thing but he said taking apart so i assumed those were populated
but yeah maybe they just shipped with screws in them
if shit had rub and buzz issues thats prob one of the first things id try
solution is line in the manual
i like how lots of japanese stuff has => indicators to show which screws to take cover off
so you dont end up with pcb or whatever knocking around inside

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omg word has table tools and equation design tools active without crashing
jasabelle: possible metric?
oh tab complete didnt work because he left after 8 minutes

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i dont remember it working like that, shrug
oh weird

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jero32: how big?
2x2 to 4x4 ones were fun
id have to look up how to do them again
yeah you just have to remember the dance to fill in the bit numbers

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