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timecops people chose palin

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its not if you tell us
pi on a stationary bike generator sounds fun
you can tune your load with the size of the tv you connect to it

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you gotta pay a guy to know what all those things mean

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oh damn i dont even, i been listening to this for days
macegr: like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvwGGIl4I6A&ab_channel=HospitalRecords
timing is tight enough i couldnt tell you if thats sidechained bass or just responsible mixing

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damn fuck i dont have a toslink
was going to loop back to no drama record some spotify

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jero32: not enough backspace, 'neat its on prime'

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in pi, its a cabalist mathematician
torah as a number set
its on neat its on prime
nommy amen breaks

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i think he has a long documented history of the crazies
like, that isnt his first project
but i dunno i havent read about him in a couple years
jero32: ever seen pi?
great movie, swap asm programming with 80s programming and religion with the stock market as a data set
too fucking smart, took too big a bite

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macegr: 4 days later you realize you should have just spent $15 4 days ago for the other dongle
the fact that so much works on arm is fucking amazing to me
but at that point, youve become 'WELL BACK IN THE DAY SONNY WE HAD TO COMPILE 2 HOURS BOTH WAYS'
jero32: welcome to psychadelics
he prob didnt sleep enough for too long
and thats not at all a joke
that doesnt change my statement at all
sure but hes a programmer
no i can make assumptions typical programmers dont sleep enough when theyre on one
and hes on one
if he had predisposition to schizophrenic behavior, the bible and asm programming modern x86 def sound like a great way to trigger it
programming is basically real world mathematics, thats not constrained by mathematical notation

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like, ya kid, computer engineering and a lot of time all by yourself with a world full of people all by themselves is how
like, i couldnt wifi host on the pi because i have three of the wrong dongles
and my distro isnt exactly like the one where people got it working
and i dont have time to completely figure out rc init and networking init on new debian
but i had to figure it out enough to know i should turn around
and settle
another kid, they just blew the project up and fell into a black hole
because dont have experience with like 4 generation of linux init on 10 distros
because mechanical and embedded engineers
that guys a fuckin genius is the scary part about that

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right im thinking you get a lot of less experienced people to accomodate
and then a significant amount of people who could design the shit
i love the shit because its linux so almost zero learning curve and comfortable
other people like the turnkey control apps people have made for it
so like, AVR vs arduino problem, even tho its the same shit
pi is pretty neat, its like running linux on old hardware
like late 90s / early 00s power
so you have this intersection of people that actually did that
and people who want an emulator who dont really know what emulator software is
im not sure i like the 1st party pi documentation
like, trying to run down the middle the shit is almost too complicated and too basic at once
like, kid in class asked me for advice about wireless control
im like, in this case, experience with linux, gcc, and standard internet networking
and he kind of sadfaced

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i actually think thats a great solution but not near lowest common denominator one
know any kids or old people?
i guess point is, if they can figure out your normal audience will def be happy
so maybe two solutions?
some out of box generic thing that mostly works, and then some way to access for specifics

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but yeah i like web page interfaceas for a lot of this stuff
right, was more joking
but same thing in an app will prob be more accepted just because people are dumb
i didnt say it made sense in an R&D ROI sense
right thats what im saying
having people press an app icon is going to be liked more than typing address into browser
so if literally all your app does is fine the adress, and host a web page in a frame in the app, youre ahead
*address, also urmom
i feel like millenials and old people ruined standard UIs 15 years ago

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so i love trap musically because its a lot like early 90s jungle
a ton of the melodic component is made with the bass kick decay
so like, that and doing the sidechained kick compressor bass is usually how you get the long bass + hard kicks
like, either the kick is the bass, or the bass only stops for the kick
yeah pretty much
i believe thats what the chill wave guys like calling it
their arf and narf are in balance
then you gotta do the app
people want giant buttons, not web page interfaces

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more what i was looking for
its more downtempo, and its like, bass kick decay melodies
the other thing to look for is maybe side chain compressed base
so its basically a continuous bass drone, then the kick signal is used to get it down for the kicks
so like, max bass + kick impulse without clipping anything
yeah this guy channel just a ton of beats, kind of dark, similar tempos
shrug, industrials was white guys doing hiphop
closer was a rap song
gotta throw in the trap sound

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like, shows are like something in between dnb and industrial, digital hardcore
noisia like this guy but i dont know how to spell his name, tsuruda or something
i like this guy
never heard this, but i loved this which is similar:
right, the noisia stuff is more like breaks
maybe future jungle?
i thought future jungle was funny, people like ITS JUNGLE AT 140 BPM
im like, guys i thought that was breaks?
you just want reese bass drones?

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yeah most compressor circuits compromised some way
theres some drive a BJT solution to the log thing, tho
i look
what like broken up beats?
page 30 of thise one is what i remember, previous link seems like deeper dive
and fuck ya for having the original logo
still want a natsemi hoody
like, break core maybe, i think thats what im thinking

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R&D of passive speakers: Fuckit the production parts are 10% anyway
is it one of the accelerometer feedback ones?
i think they had abandoned the tech by then, im not sure tho
yeah, asshole product designer
we had one that was pissed the volume knob couldnt be in the middle for his iphone and a pro balanced dj setup
macegr: s/loud/sensitive, and yes i know
trading SNR for impressing people because most that shit gets filtered out in the xover anyway
i think the typical trick is driving a Vbe junction?
theres a circuit in some long audio app note
maybe saw it in the natsemi app note book
shrug, diff is just release times, no?

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and if you want to play with microphones, or plug in a guitar, it can do it
i have a project in mind will have a sig gen, so i look into audio dac stuff for that
as for that, same suggestiojn
go someplace and try and get them to let you demo hardware with your headphones
jero32: i suppose, when i looked most of the options were lower performance or drama
but that was awhile ago
the good stuff was proprietary direct from manufacturer shit
right theyre prob like the expensive shit from 10 years ago
jero wants speakers
and sculptor wanted balanced cable suggestions
i cannot in good conscience ever suggest someone buy passive speakers

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like, you buy a schitt DAC, and you install it like a PC soundcard, with normal chipset drivers from c-media or whoever
its probably comparable to the shit on your motherboard
if your motherboard has optical out, consider figuring out how to use that with your setup, whatever it is
unbalanced might be fine
i would buy the speakers and connect them to what you have, and if noise is a problem, look into other drive solutions
well, for you, i think that would be a scarlett audio interface you can afford and a pair of mackie or JBL monitor speakers
get the sub later
so that and two of those JBL for example
right its like the same price youd pay for a hyped single ended dac

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sure but youre rarely using all the bits
im saying you dont even really need 16 the majority of the time
but right you get the concept
so you figure like 12 to 24 db of headroom, theyre throwing away 2 to 4 bits
DACs are home audiophile shit
honestly i think you are probably better off buying a USB audio interface
and an ADC, and usually more affordable with very usable specs
many come with switchable input impedance, phantom powered inputs, scalable input gain, often both digitally and with knob
do you need that shit? being an EE, more than the average person, but who cares its prob like same price
like, a 'DAC' is basically half an audio interface upmarked for audiophools

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go someplace, and listen to speakers
reproduction isnt as important as what makes you happy
youre not doing work
its a little diff if you are buying for an actual studio, but not much
so if you like how those sound, let that be your ref
well, thats like, 'analytical sound' you can hear more but its fatiguing
if it distorts turn it down
same with any system
voice coil smoke, prob not a problem unless yorue def
max out the volume on the pc
set the volume on the headphones
you want as much of the DAC resolution as possible, and you want highest analog signal for best SNR
so you set the vol on the pc to max
set the monitors so they are matched and the higherst level you would need them to be
then adjust on the pc
in general you want to run signal as hot as possible
studio fucks will argue, but theyre dealing with completely random dynamics
its not the case in mastered music, videos are more dynamic but you dont need the headroom you need recording music

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that will get you a pair of decent budget monitors
JBL can be good, those are generally considered good studio monitors for the money
and studio monitors are almost always better than comparable priced home shit
those are good and $200 a pair
theyre on sale
anyway, DO NOT buy the speakers with all amps in one speaker, and speaker wires going to the second
theyre semi active
they still have passive crossovers
theyre very good computer speakers but very bad studio monitors
anyway, my serious suggestion is you select about 4 tracks you are very familiar with

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its not marketed to them because its lower margin
behringer shit is better than most home audio
consumer friendly usually means limited control, and settling for factory voicing
which is fine
people get used to almost any voicing
they just have to be enthusiastic about the problem
and they convince themselves that its a mechanical 'break in period'
get active studio monitors
mackie or yamaha
or m-audio
go to a music shop and listen to them and buy what smells right to you listening to your own music
a subwoofer?
i dunno
i like subwoofers
but i also mostly listen to bass music for fun
whats your estimated budget
anyway most of the world runs their sub 6 to 10 dB hot
so most of the world really love their sub

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you dont want loops and systems are often earthed through the power supply
audio grounding is a gamble, as are the solutions
things that help in one situation can make things worse in others
it can limit bandwidth depending on loading and its expensive and usually contributes to distortion
minimalist philosophies are prob the most legit in modern audio
you just control loads, opamps are fine for this
you prevent noise and interference from getting into the signal in the first place
you cant get it out in audio
because its no different than valid audio signal
thats standard in non consumer audio
it still doesnt matter
RF will defeat common mode performance in opamps
most of the time the response to the interference will be assymetric, so the outputs will slam into the rails
and professional audio gear is affordable to consumers

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what on directional cables?
in credible stuff that has to do with what side the shield is connect to
shrug, same same
ive seen legit and bullshit versions
directional RCA with shields connected on one side exist
shrug, just because audiophoools give reasons to sell their non functional product doesnt mean there arent valid applications of legitimate products
and thats where the concept comes from
hum is literally the audio being of lower quality
granted its corellated noise so it can be filtered
but thats not really a reasonable solution in systems where hum is a possible valid signal
it can if the other cable had very high parasitics in a very long run in a high input impedance system

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right in which case the belden stuff would be more appropriate
typical audio input impedance is between 2k and 20k, so DC resistance of the wire should be pretty insignificant in comparison unless your runs are crazy long
like, its probably measurable but inaudible in most cases
and you dont necessarily need to buy those specific cables, but those are good specs to compare against
theres definite branding markup on those

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shrug, probably
i mean its twisted and shielded and prob higher parasitic tolerances than audio cable
sec ill find some links to compare
thats like, industry standard install cable
^ japanese stuff that studio guys love
er, lower tolerance, higher precision parasitic specs
but like, if its twisted pair and reasonable shielded, itll likely work well

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also you cant drink beer on a friends porch while supporting his circuit idea in a meeting presentation the next day with 3 day fab
we got it done free with about 10min of eagle, 5 min of cnc setup
get slight drunk while it cuts
also my shit will cut aluminum blocks
try and get that 3 day leadtime for $0 + materials
so yeah not ready to give up CNC prototyping, and as long as i can cut parts i can cut PCB
4 more hours until end of semester \o/

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i dont have TH plating, and thats the biggest drawback vs fab on two layer boards
and SMD fab is slower and more difficult without mask
but cheaper and orders magnitude faster
jero32: make a UI panel for a high vibration system by tomorrow
like, thats typical
i do a lot of fast prototyping
so we deadbug, cut sections of PCB out of finished systems, use dev boards, cut custom boards

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i dont etch
im not into arts and crafts
and i ordered PCBA last summer
er, PCB, i did PCBA
$5 is more than $0, about a week is more than a couple hours
i can do a new revision by end of the day, with fab youre almost two weeks in
ao yeah, still valid for fast prototyping
i can do that without a new board spin so youre not exactly winning with that point
also, i can put caps anywhere on the board without scraping off mask

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not to be confused with wing street, which is pizza hut

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really the only benefit from CNC PCBs is like, zero day leadtimes
perf is just too hard to get
either 100mi away or too much $$$
right if i wanted a bunch id do that
i still have like 50 double class PCB blanks for my pcb fixture
at least, from ebay like 10 years ago
jero32: was a deal tho
can you get that price again?
damn shit is even cheaper now
i think that was like $15 last summer
and shipping was like $5
because they made 24
because it was probably less drama to just make your board full panel then doing the work to fit someone elses boards with yours
that happens a lot
its like ordering 8 wings at wingstop and getting 12

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fuck phenolic perf
all about unclad, unmasked FR4/G10 perf
shits awesome
you basically deadbug through the board
no copper
yeah i pretty much use it as a dead bug frame
pad per hole sucks if you gotta change the circuit a bunch
FR4 you get some use, phenolic is a joke shit will slide after a couple sec
kevtris: that was probably well planned and not very reworked
shrug, maybe all stuff i got was crap
but not as much now
way cheaper than even 10 years ago

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if you mean the actual PCB smells, im guessing thats mostly from the router bits overheating the FR4
heh, china single sided phenolic amp boards = always discolored around the vregs
shit works

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doesnt matter for tons of stuff
in terms of assembly, TH is way less drama
can TH assemble blindfolded and drunk
oh assembling not designing
do it all at once
less context switching
waste a lot of time in SMD flipping parts =)
and TH is faster for me unless i have a scope
dpends on the parts, board
if i have a scope, its always faster
yeah with reflow oven would be less drama
i think im going to
this toaster oven about over
all my pcb gonna smell like taquitos

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jero32: also the right amount of hole slop
like enlarging the holes to account for tolerances in the parts and machine
if youre doing huge production runs, you typically will do small tuns using same process and adjust anything if needed
smd too, stuff like large magnetics and small sensitive parts like an LED can cause issues
dubs ftw
they ruined the akira dub
the vha version is better
dunno through hole has its upsides
in a lot of cases it results in better layouts
because of the larger pin gaps

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machine bends the pins and sticks them through for resistors
most caps have formed leads forinsertion
thats how thew 80s happened
pretty sure the leads kind of go into guides?
like, thats how the parts are held
right so those have formed leads, LEDs
they prob scale smd speed until its close to same fuckup level
smd is faster
yeah at the end you can see how theyre inserted by the pins not the body

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does it have feedback for the length?
or its a manual adjustment
i saw some vid some farmer takes off his close and jumps in, bails himself
their other vid mentions timing adjustment and grip tension
i wonder if the EE ever have to do a PCB
i know they offered a kicad seminar =\

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wire dispenser in the middle but cant see where it staples them
fuckin auto stabilization
wish people would justy hold heavy shit will using their phone cam
yeah that machine looks nuts
ha 60 sheets, nice
i bet getting that second poke right is where most the engineering is

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i dunno man his parts arent all lined up perfectly on top like top china boards
the old long ones?
right i was going to say if yes, it probably makes them

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its pretty typical for single sided boards in industry
newer seems to mostly use 0R resistors, a lot of older stuff had custom size jumper wires, likely all hand assembled
ive seen a lot of old japanese shit where the jumper wires made the shit look more awesome instead of quick hacked
like, consistent patterns of perpendicular top side signals

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ccfl_man: nice, analog hax
because jumper or optional circuit
sure im answering anyway

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like worst case, on the final project, you design a lab for the school
god id like to redo almost every lab ive been involved with
but the thing with CC vs Uni, is that we were told to learn this shit we had to do it on our own time
and i had enough time to basically live electronics
so i learned quite a bit
in Uni, very little time to do your own shit
community college
tech programs
2-3 years, get a job
did you use TC amps with build in compensation?
or you built it up from like opamps and sensors?
jero32: production experience is one of the most useful things you can have for design
DFM is huge in terms of ROI on a project
thats fine

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im like 90 minutes north of sacramento
so like, tech jobs are there and the bay area
im guessing youre mostly right
about the software thing
tho theres prob more non-mil manufacturing around the bay area than everywhere else in cali
i know
like, im totally out of my mind about money shit
but i still did an awesome controls project
which covered mechanical design, cnc fabrication for mechanicals and pcb, analog and embedded electronics
the inverted pendulum thing
have to make vid for class this weekend so will post after that
on what?
like, just general purpose test thing?
ha coool
so the cool thing about the ME program (mechatronics is mostly owned by the ME program) is they do a 2 semester final project with industry
so company brings in a problem, you do a semester of proposal and design, and a semester of fab
the EEs do more traditional final project, design and build a thing

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like, ive had random sunday 11 hour shifts
and shifts on days i normally study
def fucked with school performance
i would work a real job part or full time and take classes here, but theres no jobs in this city for me
overqualified, high pay history, low availability
so yeah, dumb to hire me over a kid or a bum
and i dont seem to interview as well in rural norcal vs socal
ive gotten every job ive interviewed for before chico
and im not going to speculate on reasons why, i dont plan on staying here
you still do casino machines?
oh no shit
fuck ya man
sounds like something you can learn a ton from
theres very little tech here, being closer to bay area doesnt help
a lot of alumni go to the bay, ones who stay fill out local tech jobs pretty quick

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in my case, same, it was either a minor or major problem, but trying to act like its insignificant is silly
i mean, you have to kind of consider everything
and the biggest things in the context are ROI and quality of education
both of those are directly related to money available
yeah i have two medium load semester left
pretty much
being older with experience makes it a lot worse
yeah i should have stopped going to school anbd started working again
year and a half ago
im only working at school right now

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so interesting thing is it looks like if you go to UC, the cost of attendance is vs attendance means like $6k more to live off of per year, vs CSU
like somehow, going to a more expensive university makes life $500 more a month
if i had $6k more a year money would not be an issue
jero thats a very simplistic view that doesnt take ROI into account
for example, at my age, ROI on my CC education might actually be better than my Uni one
but i dont want to be a manager
if money becomes a problem to where its effecting your grades, should you continue?
its hazing
and filtering
wtf not causing issues
im fanancially ruined by almost all objective measurements
cars gone
couldnt afford to maintain it
so job opportunity is significantly decreased
heh, if youre in college in america and not supported by parents, its a problem

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i pay $7k/semester, and for college thats cheap
a unit is an hour a week, kind of
so a course is typically 3 or 4 units
but they range from 1 to 5
ccfl_man: UC is like 3x more than CSU
community college where i live was between $13 and $32 while i attended
so like, a course or two around 2000, and 2003-2007, and ive heard it skyrocketed to $40
CC education was prob better ROI
anf you finish with more hands on and prototyping school
and youre dealing with the final derived formulas
you dont spend 2/3 of the time learning the derivation
but ya, youre not doing to do a differential equations based controls class at CC

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sculptor: fuuuuuuuuu how many do you need?
well, seems reasonable if it actually works long term
right id just be worried about it leaking or something
rab: also that
because yeah five seconds
schooling is theory and hazing
can you perform with mad distraction, possibly while being underpaid
you didnt say hazing
thats not hazing
thats education in a school
theres a diff between EE programs and most other programs
well, engineering programs and most other programs
per unit
so prob closer to $10k

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def seems better than a solenoid if you dont wanna burn the power
ccfl_man: thats kind of normal
my program is one of the only ones of its kind, so very concerned with ABET
if done well i think it would be good
like, the cross functional team building and the tech writing part
but basically they do it token style, so every class is a group project, every lab is a pretend lab report
and what happens is certain students pull the weight, but average GPA goes up
theyre just jumping through the hoops
sculptor: i dont think 5 seconds matters in that case?
sculptor: you get a quote yet?
also green EE are generally thought of as close to useless in industry
usually have to learn functional EDA and very little prototyping and fab skills
so my school tries to do a ton of hands on shit
ME and mechatronic do
EE here sucks kind of
to the point of being unethical
like, putting their name on labs they didnt write and didnt test that dont work with the parts provided

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5 second actuation?
is that normal?
sculptor: for on/off it seems crazy slow but if it works it works
and thats prob worst case at lowest coil power

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rab: today in tech an lit we listened to country music

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its steam and a yellow led?
fl tube wouldnt look right

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