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timecop: how do i make scrolling in taskbar switch desktop

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holy shit no address pointers
how do you do anything

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im sure its all sorts of compromised
russian and chinese tech too
wtf is MILS
they seem to have some sort of modular software comm standard
also wtf is ada code
Ada is a structured, statically typed, imperative, wide-spectrum, and object-oriented high-level computer programming language, extended from Pascal and other languages.
damn mil using pascal++
seems sane ^

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in fact id trust that way more
weapon systems arent complicated at all
its just sequencing and feedback sensor checks
if you mean all the tracking shit, thats neat but still not super complicated if its just a few targets, and i think thats what it is
the coolest part of an F16 is that no human would be able to stabilize it
its uncontrollable, youre basically giving it suggestions and it figures it out
which is supposedly why its so maneuverable
but even then, i would trust tight code more than tons of it on a threaded ghz OS
wonder if there is any published data on f35 architecture...

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never read the details of this, fuuuu
The software set a flag variable by incrementing it, rather than by setting it to a fixed non-zero value. Occasionally an arithmetic overflow occurred, causing the flag to return to zero and the software to bypass safety checks.
like, it says they coded it in asm, i wonder if it was an 8 bit flag
shrug, thats way more than enough

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last three phones, no SD card
last two phones, no battery access

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wtf nitromethane
$700 and you dont even get free shipping
so i dont want it just sitting around in my living room?
haha @ the shops of girls in the drum

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i think they moved to something milder
prob becauyse acetone is so awesome at drying out skin
loctite from headset bearings, most likely
i think because i put it on the outside threads of the steerer tube, it like collected at the bottom of the race nut and dripped into the races
rab: i can get whatever from hardware store but im kind of curious about acetone from grocery or beauty supply
i wouldnt mind mek for playing with acrylic anyway
also beauty supply store = rework tweezer porn
my super pointy tweezers i got from BuBa's Beauty are the only ones dont suck, bend from normal sqeezing
all my other ones, the last 2mm look like squiggle daggers

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through the 90s it was acetone
well, i go look
but none of the stuff ive tried to gank from girls has been acetone in decade+
well, i can try beauty supply
if its still sold, theyll have it
i dont really want a gallon
unless its cheaper but nail polish remover was never super expensive
rab: home chem solvent
rab: i have to get my ID num written down to buy butane for my dab torch
2 can/mo limit, i think its a county thing
auto body ill just buy brake cleaner
rab: its not very much

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how do i dissolve loctite?
neat internets says its acrylic based
thats seems like a decent first try
fuck i dont think i have any
just iso
that prob wont do anything
well whatever, i just walk to school and pick some up at local hardware
right i just dont want to crash into the ground riding to home depot
those places have it?
i dont think ive ever seen more than 99% iso alc
nope, not anymore
not in a looooooong time
maybe some brands but most brands stopped being acetone long time ago

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loosening only fixed it a lottle
felt fine
but thats kind of what it feel like
actually thats exactly what it feels like
its like someone packed my headset with molasses
like, steering doesnt return or react to leaning right, feels like im going to get hurt soon as i stop thinking about it
and no i dont think ill have to, that part seems to be working fine

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like, steering doesnt want to trail the contact patch
no doesnt seem to be
i have to go do work on it this week before shop closes for winter so i try it
but its the weirdest feeling
like its become this time dependent function, like someone threw a LPF into my steering
this is literally the only time ive ever wanted a gyro brake headset
i dont think i crushed them
i just hand tightened it, not even crazy just enough for contact
why im surprised
loctite makes sense in context of the damped but not crunchy or scrappy or even slidy feeling
like, the bearing still feel like theyre rolling, just slow

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guys what if i got loctite in my headset bearings
like it squeezed out
well kind of
the threaded steerer tube isnt long enough for a keywasher and lock nut
so its just the race nut
and i would have t5o quarter turn it every few days
so mtn bike geek who works at a bike shop, also boss kid, says he uses loctite for lots of stuff
like for rebuilding forks, ya
or mounting brakes
anyway, i used 222 (small parts) because i dont have any blue stuff atm and works fine
and its okay even with the long race threads, cant budge with hand but comes off with strap lock
but steering is damped
so i back off on the nut, even to the point where trhere is slightest bit of play, and it still feels slightly damped
anyway blows me away how much it changes the feel of the bike

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then fuckin use the windows partition
okay this is the fun response:
bbl tacos then more stage tech boredom

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holy shit
mtn bike geek said he puts locktite on bike shit, headset will come loose fine
i guess i hand tightened too tight, had to back off with strap wrench
bike with too tight headset is way scarier than expected
i took hands off handlebars out of habit and almost died
eh you just do circle selection, convert to path, stroke
doing a lot of shit in photoshop class was annoying as fuck
dont forget to select all before stroking
then the btard shouldnt be using it for photoshop class

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