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its still weird tho, without the washer and unclipped gears, the buttom of the platform for the planet gears above it is drilled and has posts pressed through it
so theyre gonna float up and hit that shit

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its all the same size planet gears
i should tell them to send me another so i can make one good one
so i dont think a washer is supposed to be where i put it, i think the nylon gears are worn so the hole platform is leaning so it hits the other planets

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awesome, the product page has the datasheet says metal gears
maybe can get newmotor for bike project

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i did, doesnt click now
i dont think its cast aluminum, its maybe die cast steel
its still detenty, but i think thats the nylon gears
click is gone
i can bitch and maybe get my money back

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yeah thats it
what dicks
so i can move the washer but now the top of nylon planet posts it up again the motor face
which i think is cast aluminum
fucking assholes

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they cheaped out on a washer
theres a washer between the planets/posts and the motor face
but not between the posts of one planet carrier and the bottom of another
pretty sure thats where its clicking

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found the bent nylon
lame datasheet says metal

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arent those just motor faders?
because i think theyre motor pots
is it encoded or a pot?
if theyre encoders thats kinda cool
theres a lot of cool linear stepper stuff coming out
maybe its hall sensors
feedback pots
with tuned damping and returns springs, whatever
is a neat idea
oh we decided theyre pots?

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also i was wrong wasnt this motor datasheet that said dead stopping the load might hurt it
gear material : metal
no qualifiers
you pull the motor face off, and its got steel or brass gears
enough dark coil you cant tell i think the ring is steel, not sure about the others
anyway, other side, the planets are nylon
the motor face side
so i dunno how i feel about that
anyway i clean up the screws and holes and loctite that shit
ive emailed the owner of the motor company before, i can email again be like HEY DID YOU KNOW!?
maybe he doesnt

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its not a stepper
controls project, so it would either have to be brush or brushless dc
well its be steppy
anyway, oil all over the motor face
oh yeah fuck
screw went in like 1/3 turn
the one with a puddle of oil in its little screw pocket
that looks like 80s rc stuff
heh, maybe is

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oh shit i can see the rotation in the gap in the gearbox
im going to try and tighten the screws
they have a wobble

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i shit i thought it had fallen but it stood the beam up and shut down the motor
much quiter like this
it likes the yoga mat

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me throwing the beam around and catching it prob isnt helping much

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i have to figure out matlab
tens of thousands of dollars on school, and theyre like LEARN IT YOURSELF YOU TOOK A C CLASS
pretty sure i did this with some python and octave shit for an EE class

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like, maybe 200 rpm
bottom is what its doing now
itll do that forever
it might spin with the beam up forever but im afraid to leave it go for very long, its repeatable tho

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rab: its oscillating a 1/4 rotation at maybe 30rpm, while wobbling at maybe 6hz to keep the beam up
like, for maybe an hour now
shit battery
still over 12
sec i put plot
i just balanced the batteries and boards mounted to the platform
so the arms and pendulum are unbalanced load
and it prob leans when its spinning like a mfkr
need to edit all this vid
top is without intervention, it gets up and since its moving when the beam hits target, it keeps moving to stay under it

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also jack complaining about the game almost made it sound cooler
well, he was doing kushner work in nam, so likely
republicans voted to stay up all night and now theyre killing each others ammendments
i dont thing this gonna end well for them

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wait he actually explains it
like, wtf else would it be
jezus this guy is like marketing idiot genius
incuvation is self explanatory it works because you dont need to blog post about it
blackmoon: heheh
i wonder if you got less hits because of him
like, wont they be disturbed that you are publishing the game?
actually theyre republicans i guess its possible they would be even more imporessed
was he already not publisher at that point?

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couple kids did this powered pendulum thing would bounce up to 90 degree set angle
like, 2x4 legs, motor on top of one and pot on top of the other, looked like a steel and cork ruler for a pendlum
mostly work, they kept pushing it down and itd pop back up, tiny bit of overshoot
i just kept thinking of beavis
thats how click ring guy got his original cad done
free high school interns
shit was like, compltely unmanufacturable
so like, republican is the party of gaming now?

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rab: its a final, its debatable whather i demo'd it, as it wasnt done
but i got all the data i needed from it
no why
it still works
the pid just deals with it
which is almost kind of more cool than a smooth motor for tech demo, but not as great for generating model data
i was going to ask if i could do demo on monday
but today he is like, monday is mini tech expo day
so every body brings projects
this guy is a pain as a professor, like administrative and organizational stuff
but hes cool, knows his shit and hes into it, bit seat of the pants, okay at lectures
anyway you can do project instead of exam
yeah i dont think its skipping teeth
i think its more likely to just slightly fall apart and sieze
but for the budget and time im cool with it
prof thought it was way cool

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if it has pwm outputs, you can maybe set those up and just update a register
then you need a big transistor
well, medium transistor
sure so you cut the duty cycle
but not so much that it stalls because if you are unlucky it will burn
i dont know if you meant this, but you shouldnt run the fan off the gpio pins
maybe all the gpio pins at once would work if you dont exceed psu pin current specs
but dont do that
i was thinking that but instructor was like YOU GOTTA MAKE IT GOOD LIKE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE SOLD
other peoples projects like, limping

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it depends on the power supply and the system
like im pretty sure my zero 1.3 would run on 1A but would reboot when i plugged in a usb wifi nub
i dont think thats ever happened with my 2.5A supply, its happened once in maybe couple dozens plug ins with the 2A supply
im running spinny death's pi and stm32-discovery off a USB battery bank with a 1A outlet and 2A outlet
besides the pi i am running a 200mA relay off the 2A port

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meh, i need to do a bacon sim so i can do a sweep test
eggsalad: definitely gotta go easy yolks for that

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everytimes i fix an issue problem moves upstream
initially short mount screws in gearbox face caused platform to wobble, fixed that
so the the d shaft wore the two set screws loose a bit, theyre #8 and prob like 10 threads of engagement
so tightened the fuck out of those, and i guess no everything fucking the gearbox
anyway smokey motor coils are pretty sex
high Kp and pwm just sits there switching directions at close to max duty, i dont even think the motor coils are switching

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sculptor: nope, metal planetary
its possible like, the screws stretched or wore the hole threads and theres a bit of slop in everything
its still works theres just a click
its not really the motors fault, im close to axial load spec, prob close or over on radial loads at high RPM
i might be able to rebuild it but i dont want to tear down the assembly and motor until project done

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rab: if this was project with actual time and budget, id prob do high tension timing belt
i got an h bridge and battery out of the project but i think this motor kind of used the fuck up
the mass of pretty much everything except the base is mounted to the gearbox face
and i think the off balance loading of the arms and pendulum combined with the oscillations broke something in the gearbox
desides the regular interval 'detenting' at high speeds its pushing oil out from between gaps in the motor and gearbox, wasnt before
yeah probably
i think there was a note like, dead stopping the motor can destroy it

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so i wasnt hallucinating or seeing ecig vap i forgot inhaling
the motor coils are smoking at high Kp
rab: i mean, jack was busy at high school and prob not getting paid shit, sooo....

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haha yarly
blackmoon: haha @ im scared of cali laws because they actually get shit done

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blackmoon: "it uses real life logic, and not video game logic, and most gamers are not real life people"
he prob would not like TIS100

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'For those who don't know, I'm a prolific internet troll, he wrote in the Medium blog. It comes with the territory of being a real radical.'
just so you know, when i fuckup ill take responsibility for it by being like, LOL

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i thought arcade button is why he wanted it
rab: i wonder if it just detects the edge
both would work
but right even the old p2 shit i was playing with 15 years ago had momentary power switch inputs

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that should be fine

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that should be a thing now
right an oscillating heater is close to several hundred degrees
like, if your shit cant react to a heater, its prob not going to tell you shit is fucked until half the apartment is caught fire, you could prob smell it by then
heat goes up, if you point a forced heater in the middle of the room, someplace closer to the wall on the cieling gonna get hot
like, my heater on the floor 6 feet away, my arms 3 fy above it are hot

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makes sense
eh, graph all the things and abserve a few days and decide
or they turned an oscillating heater on
sculptor: in 40 years that will prob be code

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