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also i havent had any problems with cubemx since doing all my code in another .c, and just having like single functions for init, main loop, ints
using the generated main.h is a trap

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gnuplot wants all of gtk
i dont want your gui trash

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logging = stuff; while(logging); in a function triggered by uart rx in main, logging is decremented in a timer isr
in the asm it just sits there branching back to comparing a constant with a register value
like, no mem access, just right back to the compare

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w00t, done
stm32 was getting hung up because i didnt volatile something
wtf kale, just volatile all the things

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mine doesnt do it

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hours on this logging bullshit
c or linux or fuck knows didnt like my dated nn-nn-nn_nn:nn:nn.bin filename, "test.bin"

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omg so close
pi app seg fauled, but scope says stm32 sprayed the log data

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maybe it has some neural assis for space
you just thing about nothing and space happens
holy shit weatherbot says tomorrow gonna be wet like a mfkr
i didnt buy umbrella
Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall possibly over one inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph... Thunder possible.

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i dont even know how to explain that with maths
well, no i do
because above horizon its pushing on the pivot axis, below its pulling
timecop: where the fuck is space
i dont know if the red key is esc or space
red key is for esc

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if (val >= 0) return(val*val); else return(-1*val*val);
in terms of math i think i just created an alternate universe

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ac-130u: please post links to datasheets ty

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also kail squiggle underlines my header file like FATAL ERROR IN CHAIN CANNOT FIND SOME UART.H, compiles fine

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aaw, tc <3 linus

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gnome got much much worse

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timecop: xfce for full desktop, whatever-box for speedy window management
sculptor: i was going to say that would be a bitch or impossible to fish

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thats kind of neat

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timecop: double barrel shotgun
so like, boom boom reload
its still totally unbalanced
also its explosive so it has a radius itll fuck multiple shit up

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haha @ explosive shotgun
i got that shit early and had to stop using it because like, it made the game dumb
like if something was way over my level, id just come back with explosive shotgun, not a problem

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