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even works referencing it on unsaved files
timecop: this is cubemx generated code so it prob has to scan 2 billion lines of empty just-in-case functions

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timecop: its slow as shit but keil live syntax checking saves me a fuckton of wasted compile time

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k all i gotta do is data shovel from stm32 to pi disc and stm32 code done
or no i guess i gotta do battery monitor code one day

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sculptor: is squared-error gain common on process controllers?

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gear motor got a notch
i wonder if it will continue to wear or just explode

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i like this guys english

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i think i need another base weight
the_gfr|w: to make the tapatio even better
kind of like death sauce at freebirds

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sculptor: https://imgur.com/a/axeHJ
k i did vid

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guys i have an idea
im going to take tamarind powder, and maybe some citric acid, and put it into tapatio

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rab: rly?
i would have guesses popcorn felt scratchy
maybe thats feels like like scratching an itch tho
*feels good like

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i like fun

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