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wtf safe this is why i call it spinny death
like, before i did demo for class prof is like WHY NOT BRING IT UP FOR THE CLASS TO SEE! im like because very danger
because way further from my 12 year old wifi ap
i still this is way better solution than spending $40 on a shit slip ring
or having a cable hanging off like that shit on wikipedia
gotta unwind your pendulum pusher

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blackmoon: pi is embedded so i can use globals like whatever for all the things right!?

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like, theres a few degrees slack in the gear box, and that ends up being about same as a half motor rev
so like, is almost dead stall not switching coils and pwm dir is all nuts in both direction

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blackmoon: 0.5x0.5x0.125 aluminum angle beam spinning at blurry speeds vs aluminum chainstay and plastic pedals
spinny death maybe had a chance
also i got it to buzz around with pendulum straight up, like it would rotate around vertical axis as fast as i pushed it and keep beam up, and would be fine with me stopping in

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timecop: mfkr everything working now
because hal uart dma wanted the uart global interrupt enabled

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i dunno
i was just gonna bring drugs and hope someone thought to bring food

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like, you have to set gpio modes to use art, spi
but if you have linux hax, theres very little learning curve
shrug, i can ssh into it and it works and theyre cheap
and now my thing has ssh estop and control
toggles relay over uart!
eh this thing small enough i can kick it and stomp it out if it gets too nuts
it attacked my front door, almost got my bike
but yeah, so far pi has been ultra stable

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johnjones: so why are you showing us
joellama: ^^
pi->stm32->pi cmd/ack w/ dma uart is success
yeah a zero 1.3
control spinny death
so i have a c app on pi that toggles the estop pin and toggles relay
and will soon do logging and live pid update
you can just code it with normal serial libs, im using wiringPi
wiringSerial is a pretty shallow wrapper
but shit works
ive gotten spi working too w/ a heat sensor
sure same same

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i needed to enable uart interrupts in cubemx
run dead trace ground shields
if the ground shield can loop current its not a very good shield
so like, run a trace alongside sense that doesnt go anywhere but blocks everything
still no opamp cap
jero = china

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oh maybe because not volatile
wtf compiler

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timecop: wtfuuuuuuuuu
while(tx_ready != 1);
debugger says tx_ready = 0x00000001
its still while looping
i dont even
how does this not work!?

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guys there is $6 organic cream-top (non homogonized?) gallon whole milk, so fuckin tasty
and it comes in glass bottles and if you give the bottle back you get $2 deposit back
so like, awesome milk is $4, same price as normal grocery store factory cow milk

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like that injection molded glass wood they sell on the radio

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eh i thought we tripped out over this in here years ago
id be more worried about the insulator
i think they do a lot but its because of corrossioin
dude its china
it could be wood
thats not wood

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sculptor: that sucks

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neat, things been on all night, couple pi power cycles, stm32 still receiving fine without a sync signal

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