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tecan: for scratches wouldnt 512 minimize data loss?
tecan: hi

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yeah man, sony sbh80, $8 csr aptx usb bluetooth thing, prob better than average headphone sound quality
like, i can seperate out diff background channels in reverb
yeah thats the most annoying thing, why i dont use these more
shrug, people did AM and FM radio on boomboxes and car radios for decades
anyway, theres better audio over bluetooth tech available, but it wasnt widely adopted

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jero32: aptx is okay

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you need the hack like such as jtag
i was going to joke maybe you can just remove a coin cell
just remove it
or something
maybe not
passwd could be a hash in eeprom or who knows
but you can try
remove battery, leave it for a day
try without battery, then try with battery or alternate power source

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you said it goes down to 1.8v
whats the lowest voltage of the battery
that will work to like 2.4
i dunno get datasheet with curves and shit

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jero32: what do you mean regulate?
how is a schottky diodes going to reg anything?
like, itll keep you from rev voltage popping all your things
what like a passive zener regulator?
its like 1978 in here
so a zener for overvoltage protection?
sure but without some sort of fuse or ptc youre maybe just going to burn the diode
and still kill the mcu
anyway you can just use a series 4148 or something
and a cap

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be nice anyway
shrug you can be a dick about it
if you decide you dont want to be a persons friend whatever
if you want to be tit for tat, shrug, pretty western christian culture to me
but like, if youre being someones friends because you want something more, and then youre not nice because they dont feel the same
you are not a nice person so much
you are maybe a poor manipulator
if you are nice anyway, regardless if you like them after, then you are a nice person
prob not someone to keep around long term

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well youre supposed to be able to read the people you are around and act approriately
acting like an ass maybe works 1am in some bar, not going to work at lunch on monday in a meeting or at the day care
anyway, dont be a dick
if you do something stupid, apologize
its not its true but it doesnt matter
if you want those people to be cool with you, act diff so they dont think you are a dick
or dont give a fuck
this whole convo is pretty fucking autistic
seriously, dont be a dick
be nice
nice guy syndrome is, shit didnt work out so i stopped being nice and now were not friends
dont just stop being nice because something didnt work out

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yeah being nice totally works
being an ass after being nice for awhile, that never works
sure it does
well right
better personality relates to being nice
nice kind of is if you want to work out well in society
its kind of the default interaction
its usually not the nice part
jero w/ the obvious
yeah he is not nice
and his life sucks
dont be nice, and that situation will be you, congrats
eh its normal human interaction
'dont be a dick' overrides most other things in culture

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controls class final
an inverted pendulum, like an aluminum beam on a dual ball bearing joint with a magnet mounted to it that hovers over an angle sensor
no nothing
there is a motor between the boards
i called it spinny death

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longer screws for spinny death platform and front door aquired
rab: little downtown hardware store had them
if shit happens again im going to have to make some sort of aluminum clamp between the motor gearbox and platform

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yeah in this context theory means its worked literally every time its been tested
if shit dont follow ohms and power law youre not considering parasitics and/or EM energy

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rab: right i think we decided the little string equations were wrong
but the resistor math works

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i like this guy

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20-25% is a lot safer, it wont be a huge diff in brightness and should extend led life to probably forever

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i need door screws
yes perfect
equation is right
dunno about the numbers
you can use wolfram alpha with units
and answer should always be in right units, or equiv unit, itll usually print out lots
oh i cant even see those
is 65mA the absolute max?
you should back off at least like 10% if yes

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jwash: dont use that file host
just export a png and upload to imgur or something
(V_supply - V_led) / I_led = R_led

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