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yeah looks like just the diodes burnt
theyre like an inch apart so looked like whole board to turned to smoke

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yay its back
shorted programming usb, leaving user usb diode open, was only using it for power and it works over programming usb

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theyre some ultra fucking tiny package
trying to short across pads with piece of 32awg

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damn, schottky not supposed to be 0.1v both ways =\

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think i probed 5v to ground

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something on the discovery board smoked
programmer side power section
i plugged it in and it smoked some more, then stopped, and power and status lit up
uart on the main iC still uarting

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omg butt so wet
jero32: why is thin trace so thin
also not enuough pours
also i even got curvy trace sex working in dicktrace
two more setups and project parts done

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altium so who knows
press some random key
right click and find the checkbox
then you did something wrong

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un made from 1000 oz/in
just make a big poly triangle for 12v
ground could just be big poly upside down 7
then fill the space between for motor net
just assume an infinity amps failure mode and do your best
to-220 easier to replace than pcb
china gets away with traces that turn the board brown
i just spent $20 and got all sorts of oscillators and pots and buttons im not gonna use

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it encodes hdmi into light that is too big to fit into your eyeballs
there seem to be lots of $200 random things on amazon
not sure what is worse, bike 0.5mi in rain, or walk 0.5mi in rain
rab: that seems like something marketing department would buy
i dont have that but i have a hoodie
i walk

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thats neat
does it have any sort of mounting features on the back?
the internet seems to want everyone to keep their .22 ammo in them
under rubber liner with button screws sounds good
signs that your company things its doing awesome: overnight ship all the things, pelican cases for everything

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it depends on your targets, like fallback solutions for low light, battery size
like, 15W wont be 15w all the time
so if your shit is 3w average draw, its maybe fine on sunny days but doesnt work in the winter
so then tou have to consider battery size and charging efficiency
theres a lot of environmental stuff to consider besides your things load
but right, what rab says, prototype the thing so you have an idea
then maybe get some cheap panels ands take outside and see what they do diff times of day, diff weather
also try and prototype with your final solution in mind
like, dont prototype with some expensive german panel, and then try and build a bunch with china shit

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thats only a few dollars in polycarbonate sheet
i know someone tried to get some bee farmers to get involved with school engineering final project program
like, for some wireless enable bee hive monitor
they didnt want to spend the R&D money
they didnt start it
and thats not small
3 of those would cover a bigass hive
45w would be enough for whatever monitoring and maybe a panel mover

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local maker space wanted $35/mo to volunteer 4 hours a week and show up for meeting every sunday
so right i cannot afford to help them
and dont want to pay membership based on the principle

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10 years not a bad run
whatever they paid for insurance, it prob wasnt enough

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