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it does not connect to a thing

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do it anyway
or i dunno

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i didnt put decoupling caps in my design because i realized i could just tack them anywhere
cnc pcb has very few upsides =\

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rab: pepper flash hash browns make excellent tacos w/ cotija cheese

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blackmoon: i feel like a hammer should be somewhere in that list
wrench plus hammer is how i do pedals
what in the fuck
blackmoon: what is this crank wrench

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or tea
so ya, early grey works
like, once you get over the initial wtf, it kind of tastes like some of the snob teas
will not repeat

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holy trinity of meth plus religion plus x86 assembly coding
yeah man hes maybe well respected among trolls
how do you do that?

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like, bike i built i way more fun than 90% of the stuff i rebuild at work, but its still not as fun to ride as 20lb 24" with short frame
right if i cant do that i basically shouldnt be riding a bike
so do my best to keep cadence high and loads light
is neat it actually is faster
prob still not as fast as standing up and stomping out long gears with 180mm cranks
simultaneously lifting the crank into your foot by leaning the bike 60 degrees
right i cant really power through shit with my arms because frames too big
and my seat high enough standing doesnt make much diff
also i think crank is only 170mm
oh fuck
its temple os guy
dieforirc: yeah no

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dunno 2 speeds isnt much
anyway stripped out aluminum frames are crazy light
its all hardware
cvt hub is heavy
yeah that wouldnt be so bad with good brakes
anyway, im riding pretty much like i drive, so shifting constantly
bikes with way less gears seem like worst of both worlds
even with the close gearing its hard to fight urge to stomp pedals out

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rab: highly unlikely
that thing is kind of cool
indexed shifting kind of is by definition
tho almost everyone makes compatible shit for shimano 6/7/8 speed indexing
rab: its a steel cruiser, heavy is normal
but looks like has a decent headset and the belt is neat
rab: oh
heavy and ungeared is not fun
i never rode that steel bmx cruiser
rab: the hardware looks heavy as fuck

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