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looks worse at an angle like that

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space is in the wrong place
wtf pinky space
yeah, pi zero and stm32f0 discovery and sparkfun level converter
some shit to turn on a leray

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woot done

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aw fuck
i missed curves on two traces
now i got two little sharp traces in otherwise swoopy board
is not done, almost
i just has in progress pics
timecop youre supposed to throw the molotov cocktail
blackmoon: wtf is this thumbnail shit

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so 10 years, this POS xylotex board, 3 of 4 chans still working
have to check, think original seller quoted like $450 for new drive box w/ 4chan gecko, and 3 motors
i would say its overpriced, but its a nice box and he wires them pretty
i could build that shit into a lian-li case w/ the pc

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on efnet?
right i remember that
shit is mine now
guys i made male SMT pin headers out of sideways right angle TH male headers
theyre huge! this gonna look funny

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bacon sim technology is pwm pulling from a DDS synth wavetable
i did a sine table that time
i think he argued with me over it, and wasnt really listening when i explained it was a wave table
could be anything
what is sin8?
sin^2 prob looks close
pretty sure he never died
all that wasted sympathy!
i miss erryday lunix
but mfkrs gotta work

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i wouldnt want to dim it at night
sure but night is when i need it
how can you too much?
as long as its not ridic and youre not blinding people
okay sure
i was going to log spike them
so max brightness for tiny fraction of sec
yeah maybe down to zero, see how it looks

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i thought about that
yeah, brake light
if i use a discovery board its built in
but theyre huge
the little china stm32 board doesnt have anything on it so id have to get a module
i would just have a brake, and then a bacon sim pulse

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oh sex
i have bunch of these
so maybe i do aluminum back to mount those and a clamp, and front will be 1" acrylic i have bunch of
probably over break
after this i have to machine like half a dozen aluminum parts for project and program the shit out of all the things
avoiding breadboard completely
prob fucked something up, shrug

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because i guess i know how to do that now, and the shitty polars on cheapo bike lights piss me off
soi went and did laundry while PCB is cutting
did not get coffee, came home and cnc still ok

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rab: no idea
so i learned what more of the flatcam fields actually mean, me gusta mas
me gusto?
i like dat shit, yo
sculptor: i want to make bike lights!
but i am prob just going to cut a board
also i maybe do some cool refraction diffuser

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o, pass overlap in flatcam is a factor not a length

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displays fine
trying to rotate to clean reimport
that worked
timecop: why does all software suck
because a) free b) rab suggested, and it worked
why im done
that sounds like a good idea

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rab: gerbv chewed the gerber up on export =(\
it just ignored all curves and straight line connected endpoints
but it left the curves in the poly pour
exports fine before rotation

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nice, gerbv GTK remembers my gimp favorite directories, but dialog is stripped out so no textbox so the search on type actually makes sense

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timecop: its not a long runtime error
closed, opened, export n/c drill, previewed, nothing
closed, opened, export n/c drill, previewed, drills are there
its like you have to open the n/c drill dialog, then close, redo for it to work right

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neat, one button switches route mode, so you can 'm' to set to all angled, then use 's' to switch what direction

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ilken spammer

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tubaman: is that in their contract?
or is there some commercial use catch-all?
i guess he can say you fucked their floor beyond repair

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how is it a huge black eye on them?
they take his info, they rent him the vehicle
theres not a no-rent list
the solution is to stop bombing the fuck out of countries for their oil and pipe routes
afaik uhaul doesnt do checks for security, its for credit worthiness

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neat it has non apperture based polys

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hmm i wonder how appertures are defined

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rab: yeah something like that
or just swap X and Y
find and replace X to -Y, and Y to X
origin top left instead of bot right

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i dont think flatcam can rotate

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omg you dont do peppers in hash browns?
rab: + onions is like hardcore potatoes obrien
sculptor: yeah i <3 lots of jew food, but im not down with eastern euro pickled stuff
ill pass on gefelte fish and saurcraut

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and shred them by hand or with scissors, thats what mom usually does
can get a giant bag for a few dollars
rab: we have a NYC place w/ red pepper, oragano and basil shaker, garlic powder, besides parmesan
would be disrespectful to steal their red pepper shaker peppers
those look like banana peppers
and yeah, banana peppers and jalapenos are usually pickled
im not really a fan, i like non pickled cayenne and serrano peppers
other peppers are too sweet and not spicy enough
rab: oh thats not enough
like jalapenos ruin everything
just makes shit taste like jalapeno instead of anything else, and not so spicy

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jero32: so was just a type issue?
just use c
guys im out of red pepper flakes
this is the worst year ever
sculptor: cayyenne pepper flakes, i put them on everything
yeah my hash browns are not so great without
also i am out of lawrys lemon pepper
lawrys lemon pepper, lawrys garlic salt, red pepper flakes is all you need for all things
sculptor: that is included in lawrys seasoning salt, which i hardly use
can just buy dried pepper from the mex section

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13:42:34 < Sculptor> i'd rather spend those 14 days lying in bed and binge watching tv shows t
this is the good life
maybe swap tv with computer machine games
jero32: crashes like how
like it segfaults or it just goes into badloop or what
easy fix0r, that

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sculptor: yay

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ya but o6 isnt trolling hes just being himself
also arguing about F1 is easily biggest source of entertainment connected to F1

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