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dunno, #cars regs mostly cool
trolling is kind of the old friends who never got along variety

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tubaman: yes
im sure he has some official reason, maybe related to inittab
inittab is bit towards kevtris in politics, but mostly he just doesnt like politics, hes never said anything fucked up
init was mostly just pissed about people not wanting to maintain the bots, then bitching about it being set to bitch to offset that issue with auto op enabled
basically same problem he had with some people in here, he was helpful when i asked but i didnt mind a day or two delay with no response

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the worst one in #cars left
i think because he posted some literal fake news, and we pointed out the agregator notice, that its source was a site with the same template, thats site source was a third with the same template, and that linked to a 404 frame on a white nationalist site
and was embarassed
so back to #mma where they flat earth and MAGA all day without opposition
guy was literally posing flat earther logic as interesting points, and not understanding simple explanations of the thing
but ive hung with that guy irl, hes met my mom
day after the election, me and another reg become 'the mexican and the oreo' and hes posting infowars links
totally not a racist, tho
because he has the right to his opinion, too
also he knows minorities are trash because hes a bill collector
so ya, totally fair cross section of society hes on the phone with

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the trolls also demand political correctness in a right context and cohabit the most massive safe spaces in existence
but whatever not like its worth pointing this out just to have them give up and turn to LOL TRIG'RD!? J/K

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rab: guilt wont fix it
rab: the concept seems to be engaging, tho =)
also i would like everyone to stop using this woke word
it basically translates into non hating non minority now
like, seriously if you need to be 'woken' up to the fact that white males are dominent in american society, youre fucking blind
like mfkrs had to make a word for it so mfkrs could hashtag #turnsoutpeoplewholooklikemearentalwayscoollandmaybeishoulddosomethingaboutit
the trolls are right
on this one

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thats how politicians implemented what americans wanted, which was more shit on the cheap at all costs
not realizes what was being given up to get our cheap shit is an education and political representation problem, more than an international trade problem
i dont have too much of a problem with the equalization of the standard of living of foreign humans
i actually think its the correct thing to do in light of using those trade partners as slave labor
rab: right thats the corp angle, but thats legislated into corp business law
they have no choice
its up to politicians to say no
corporate behavior is sociopathic because it has to be to honor the trust of stockholders
pretty sure this house of cards has been swaying for two to three thousand years
i wouldnt count on it completely collapsing ever

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im sorry but some token statements and votes for protected classes doesnt make up for selling out economy, and thus our social stability, to the lowest bidder
americans are responsible, but corporate money via politicians steered us
i think thats the most significant issue right now, and i dont thing the dem party is my friend, at all, in this respect
they are part of the problem, in many cases, in the same exact way
i dont think that was a huge issue people make it out to be
the trade agreements have issues, but i dont think they are what created the economic situation

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it depends how much you want that group to be gone, honestly
well some of them do
and i think some of them are reasonable to feel that way, even if its wrong to feel that way
just like i understand thats lots of white people are butt hurt about the term
but usually, if you think the term applies to you, and are offended by it, youre probably part of the problem
youre ridiculous if you believe even a significant minority want to kill you
just like its ridiculous to think the average american is a white racist fuck
sure but it makes the point
rab: and im not sure i have an issue with that
the thing is, you can be as kid gloves as you want, but a very large part of the white population gets incredibly butt hurt if you say that racism is a thing that affects people in america
the left has failed as an opposition party
well, the dems specifically

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mercers vs kochs
its because people are angry, i think
i think its intentional, which may or may not be helpful
but there is more dialog about it now than ever before
and i dont think thats bad at all
and i think that it makes people uncomfortable is why

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jezus fuck if thats not the most obvious thing in the world right now, i dont know what is
i think i mean that literally
i think we need to drop the two party system as the way of established politics
and i think around now would be a great time for our two parties to be split into four to start it
midterm elections next year might be more significant in terms of the future than 2016
and i dont know how to fix it, but i think there needs to be a very clear division between commentary and news in the media, and it needs to be legislated with moderately strict penalties
where to draw lines is an issue, but its pretty clear that people cant tell the diff because money is going out of its way to hide the diff
i think we killed equal times laws in the 80s

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almost all of these questions are not black and white
and in most cases, your thoughts will fit into diff categories depending on the situation
external circumstances and your current state of mind
no its creating dialog and making people uncomfortable
i think thats helpful
sometimes you got to draw a line
in this case, alt-right neo-nazi and kkk are on one side of the line
and people who are extremely left to the point of discrimination are on the other
that said, i know which side im on
i dont agree with the details of the extremists on my side
but i agree with their general mentality that things are not fair and making them fair is the right thing to do
sure, but quite obviously things are not fair now
and the non extremists on the right side are basically claiming it is, and that the status quo is either okay, or too generous
which, in context of modern 1st world countries, makes us complete fucking assholes

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because that denial is an action against positive change
you dont have to have an opinion, but if you do it matters
the 2 cents of 100s of millions of people is significant, its how most positive change has always happened
people in power rarely give it up for the benefit of the majority, attitudes like that are usually not what gets a person into positions of power
but to say, 'my life was hard, so white privelege is a myth' is not helpful, furthermore it is objectively just not true
i dont see what you have to be guilty over
you dont seem to be trying to keep anyone from a better more fair life
not you
someone who denies it is even a thing
everyone disciminates in one sense of the word, were pattern recognition machines
but are you treating people unfairly because of it?
and if yes, is it intentional and do you have no intention of changing, or is it something done unaware which you would try and change if pointed out?

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acting like that isnt a thing, that racial discimination isnt a thing, and that it isnt harder to be a minority in america...
even having the *option* to think that is white privelege
like, it doesnt effect me so i decided its not a thing, here are my anecdotal examples
jero32: all other things being equal
a black kid who is rich will have it harder than a white kid who is rich
a white kid who is poor will have it easier in life than a black kid who is poor
and to deny this is naive or malicious
to deny it is literally white privelege
because you are able to deny it without consequence, because it is not in play in your set of variables
i will 1000% admit that my life is easier because i don't have a mexican last name and i'm hard to pin down racially and can pass as eastern euro
you can change it
everybody can change it
thats how its always changed
and to believe otherwise is to be a victim of the word of those in power
no one, absolutely no one, can significantly change the system on their own
if they have the power, and they try, they will be immediately stripped of power
however, your 2 cents matters
thats is an effort to make change
denial of the issue is an effort to maintain the status quo
and people have every right to try and make you feel guilty

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if you want to vote
and qualify for certain programs, sure
so yeah, being that a lot of people have no idea about my racial background
to the point of people stopping me in LA to ask wtf am i...
i have had a lot of white people whisper jokes to me about other races
no im a hybrid unit
a normal kid from LA
an all yall fuckin nuts
but forbut after a lifetime of unaware people whispering to me racial jokes, the idea that white privege isnt a thing, as kevtris so often claims, is just stupid
its either naive or malicious
its generally the same idea, shit is harder if youre not white in america
it doesnt matter how hard you think you had it
if you were a minority, all things being the same, it would have been harder
if youre rich and a minoprity, things are harder
same argument stands

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hey but maybe a year or three more of this and well be more towards kev's ideals
and ill be deported for being half mexican and half eastern euro jew
republican ones
nope, im a citizen, but im sure that wont matter eventually
my mom just became a citizen
so while working for decades for the gov as a teachers assistance, being a legal resident for like 50 fucking years, her status would be in question with all the current bullshit
jero32: the plan is very much to deport legal immigrants
thats what the work visa denials are
you know that the majority of illegals started as legal residents with work visas, no?
and that our agriculture industry, when run legally, is based on imported workers with work visas for seasonal work, no?
permanent resident status, sure
this is a country built on immgration, wtf of course its legal

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nice, way to make it worse than it already is, stupid stupid bitch
school is $7k but life is about $16k on top of that
i was making $60k+ for years before all this, so this is tough
CSU is cheap, UC system is prob 5x more
my community college was between $13 and $25 a unit
so tuition was under the cost of one expensive book
LA community colleges are very good and very cheap tho, they take the cali constitution regarding education more seriously
technically tuition is illegal in california for state school, so legally it is all fees, even if the school calls it tuition

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me too
i has to learn matlab my damn self, meh
i dont want to go to work on the bicycles
heh, one boss emails that my sunday schedule looks funny she can fix my hours for my other job (both student association jobs)
so i says tell her i worked 14 hours w/ a 1 hour break
after working 6 hours for other job and working 6 hours for her job, weekly limit is 20 hours, other boss is like THEY (?) WILL PAY OUT OF POCKET
so probably i hear somthing soon and have to play poor and dumb
i dont know but apperently they will pay
im going to get paid regardless, this is their issue, im just worried theyre going to turn it into my issue
one job is not enough hours, other job is inconsistent, 0-20 a week
all this is kind of fucked for academics but hey this is america, who cares

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i dont see how it would diff than BSEE and BSME, computer engineering is a BSCE
tho i think the more useful degree is computer science
dont really know a lot about the softies
anyway in america, companies are liable for engineering work
i guess in other countries, engineers have more individual responsibility
basically all engineers are PE, from how i understand it
tho as jero mentions, some places have levels
sounds like jero wouldnt be a PE, but most american engineers arent
jero32: do you have to do internship or apprenticeship or similar for your title?
yeah our degrees dont, you dont need that unless you want a PE

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prof is a civil engineer does a lot of foreign environmental project
he says engineer is formal as fuck everywhere else, its basically dr and lawyer level
tho interestingly, our military and eventually colleges, and our engineers, seems to have standardized what is engineering education
rab: prob same but its not an issue as that industry doesnt really care nearly as much

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rab: right my jobs were basically histories of mass hiring and layoffs, swapping out management to facilitate that, hiring above
titles got creative
like everyone is a senior engineer two jobs ago
heh, shit was exactly as fucked as expected, kind of like school, but i learned a ton
rab: can you legally tell people you are an engineer at your job?
yeah so its just about contracting and consulting
like you cant be an engineer in court
but you can probably say ive worked with an engineering title, hire me

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like, engineering tech, audio and acoustic specialized or similar is usually what ill say
or throw something in about fast prototyping
and even with a BS degree, id prob sell myself on the practical tech experience

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right i think most states have variations of that
basically a company can call you whatever the fuck you want
but you cant contract as an engineer
right engineer is diff almost everywhere else
we cover this a lot in ethics class
rab: the issue with PE is liability in large civil projects and similar
its not really a title thing, its like a practical thing
any engineer can say they are a professional engineer, because they are, its kind of a poorly worded title
but you cant put your name, PE
jero32: kind of
i think legally it has to do with degrees, like if you said you were an engineer without a degree, youre probably fine in america
because its not a formal title
i did test engineering, i didnt want an engineering title for it
ive had vp apologize because HR wouldnt let them give me engneer title, mostly because pay issues from what i understand
was awkward, like, im not that, im really good at this, call me this?
rab: thats neat i dont think Cali is like that
or people just dont care
a tech, i was a tech
i didnt even like engineering tech, its like sporting lad, doesnt seem to mean much

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PE means you can sign off on work for city/state code
like, your company designs bridge, you have to get a PE to sign the drawings
maybe, engineering programs are mostly the same tho
anyway, most of tech techs promoted to engineers ive worked with arent that great at their job
even when theyre crazy smart
theres exceptions
the ones with an actual engineering educations
its hazing, weed people out based on math and discipline
the biggest diff seems the one with an education are better at deciding what to prioritize and what to let fall
its not really a social thing, the techs who get engineering jobs usually do it because social

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americans dont really do engineering titles
mostly only civils care about PE

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