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right i dont think that a thing on all boards
like, this falls into the category of shit that i dont need to know unless its less than two weeks before building a pc
and in those two weeks, i hit toms and anand comparison reviews, and read mobo manuals

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like i dont think dual channel worked with 3 dimms in 4 slots

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pretty sure you have to fill entire channel widths for shit to work
more specific than that, like if itll quad channel one side and not the other, i dunno read the manual
dual channel worked fine with two pairs of dimms
like i could see 6 dims switching to dual channel so it looks like a giant bank of double length words, instead of a bank of double length and bank of quad length
dunno how abstracted the physical interface is to the OS

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the_gfr|w: look in the manual
mem details seem kind of random
like, just because you have n slots doesnt mean you can stick n * 16GB modules in it
heh, my laptop is supposed to max at 4GB, i have 8GB in it and it boots fine 95% of the time
but sometimes itll do ram check reeeeaal slow, and it will pull same shit more often on wake up from hibernate

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