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theyre relavat to most buck and boost regs

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guys i think i lost the garlics
jero32: its a current sense circuit
mc34063 senses voltage across a high side sense resistor as one of the pulse cutoffs
jero32: you should get the mc34063 datasheet and find the equations section at the back and figure out some of the relations

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'I am NOT Gaijin I am Otaku!!'
you cant be both?
kind of, tho you can be japanese and otaku so not specifically
sec lets ask the google
(in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.
so yeah an american japanophile would be a gaijin otaku
actually, im not sure if gaijin means foreigner in general, or stupid white guy
looks like literal meaning is foreigner
so anyone except native japanese can be gaijin otaku

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i dont remember what those taste like, not normal stuff at store

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i like them because sour
yeah fuji is super obvious, always red and yellow
i wonder what it is
ooooh, thats something different

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omg blue sun
fuji apple?
they are okay, theyre like between red and granny smith green apples
granny smith #1

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