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the raspi people are like fuck diodes our usb jacks will die for you

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oh mfkr
stm32 is like, yeah you can have this 5v pin, but you can only have 100mA from it. bitch.
i need like twice that
both usb got some pussy little diodes
whatever, i have kynar i can fix all the things

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sculptor: k i got the dayglo lime green one

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kids get all the cool colors and graphics
also velcro sneakers

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maybe worth the extra $20
i guess its like suspension system that is supposed to turn some of the impact energy into rotational energy
so like, it doesnt rotate and jiggle your brain instead
ha they got some cool test jigs

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ikr, but ill look funnty

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guys should i get the bright lime green helmet
or the black one with bit of red and white, which matches bike and i think is pretty neat

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blackmoon: because its a giant picture on your screen
prob looks less beefy all apart on a bench

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i need to go get some bagels
i built up pwm board and stupid relay and the gearmotor motors
i asked boss kid if we give a shit about nexus hubs hes like naw not really
into the scrap pile

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right and it would absorb shock from slack in the drivetrain, its a feature yo
harley tech
that shit prob lasts tens of thousands of miles

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i hate that shit, my bmx freewheels were a lot less slack than all these shifter bikes
right i think its a materials problem
but im sure some gourmet blended composite would work fine
you can deal with that
with fiber and glass composites

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that sucks
damn left the hakko on overnight
tip is same, w00t
its never hurt mine, ive left it on over weekends
i scrapped a bike with a nexus hub, 3 speed, seemes fragile
anyway, for single speed chain setup i think its prob pretty neat
because quieter and the slack in the gears isnt so hard on legs when pedaling after coast

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how do you do gears?
and id worry about the inside splines more than the belt interface with something like that
sounds like mostly a composite materials project
oh, wait do you mean the bike has metal frame or the sprocket?
if you mean metal sprockets with plastic teeth, shrug

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