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v brake posts on clamps?

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had to send him away because we had no road brakes that would stothat shit

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heh, the 180 cranks were funny because if you kept pedaling through deep leans, you would lift the rear tire and just throw the bike out in front of you
surprised 24" bmx doesnt sell more, theyre the same as beach cruisers with less shitty hardware
coaster brakes should be fuckin illegal =(
heh, guy came in with a 60cc motorized beach cruiser, wanted brakes
no coaster because removed for the motor freewheel opposite the cassette, no v-brake posts

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mt: how long are your cranks?
also trying to resist buying ultra long cranks as is habit
they look longer, my scaling is all fucked up with these big kid bikes
i had 180s on my bmx
pretty sure these are like 170
20" bmx is so goofy, i rebuilt one last week
oh, yeah definitely
especially the chrome ones with certain 3 pieces

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hopefully i get used to it
like like 5'8" and all torso, this frame has an XL sticker on it, its fine except when im stopped and bike is all diagonal under me
but whatever free bike is free
it dont squeek or creak and the rear gears dont click
i def miss tiny turning circle and ability to lean the low profile 24" frame like 45deg while keeping body straight...
but me and physical therapist agreed that was prob not so great for my knees and hips

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ive had three Al BMX cruisers and a steel one overbuilt for trail riding
steel just isnt fun =(
its like, work, fuck exercise
ha nice
yeah my bmx cruisers were like 20-22 lbs
new bike is GT aluminum frame, some schwinn spring forks and stem, bars
not too bad for a big kid bike, frame too big so i prob smash my nuts at some point
yeah thats why i ended up with a franken bike
couldnt find a fork to fit a frame, so had to find a fork and then a frame to fit it
and the head tubes were all too short
im okay with GT bikes, tho, pretty sure my robinson 24" bmx was made by GT

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it looks like all the cog profiles have trickled down into the cheap stuff
and the more expensive ones have diff plating and speed holes
so i just got something that has 12 instead of 14 low gear, and normal high gear instead of the huge megarange bullshit
yeah, thicker chain and sprockets
i guess 8 is the new 7
but i think you need a diff wheel to fit it
depends on spacers and frames and shit
i had to replace an axle today, drama finding spacers and nuts right width to work with a frame and cassette
also ive been spoiled by sealed bearing everything on my BMX bike
fucking pulled axle and balls falling out everywhere, like, damn oh yeah
mt: yeah fiction shoft with big stem levers seems fine
friction shit with the little thumb levers sucks
im not sure i could ride a steel bike anymore

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the rear wheel i ended up with has some megarange bullshit, jumps from like 24 tooth 2nd to 34 tooth 1st, the derailleur cant even get close
they make a special version of it just for the cassette, fuck all that
was kind of surprised how cheap drivetrain shit is, trying to keep myself from replacing shit just because
and in general it seems reasonably, shimano tourney stuff is as much as lunch
i got altus front derailleur
altus is a little more than tourney, i guess its more reliable buty heavier than tourney and the next more expensive one

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lots of old shit i never see anymore
like shimano thumb shifters, w/ friction front shifter
straight up elementary school flashbacks, that shit is why i didnt ride geared bikes for 25 years
grip shifters seem to be the new version of this
the one i got has thumb click and triggers w/ integrated v brakes, lucked out on this bike everything works
thought the rear derailleur was fucked but seems to be better now, have poured machine oil all over it and the chain a few times while working on it
got new front derailler, new chain and 7 speed rear cassette hopefully get here tomorrow

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rab: i think like 25% of our school PD bikes are homeless engineered
its like 10% genius and 90% drugs
rab: like, a lot of ghetto rigged parts to made work where they shouldnt, or bypassed
similar, but not homeless, we saw a girl lock her front derailleur into a gear by jamming a bic pen in it
oh, yeah
most of the bikes are from police department, recovered stolen stuff, or abandoned stripped shit left on the racks
some of it is donations
so we fix what we can in 30-60 minutes, or scrap for recycling
have an auction either once or twice a year, one in two weeks so i get to hang out in the shop and fix shit instead of retail bike cart work at school
rab: yeah
but one coworker has a pretty neat mountain bike, got it from the auction

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haha @ go

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now anyone can download to their modeling amp and get close to same tone

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its not nearly as sexy as a kevtris solution
with a dsp solution, you can have controls to vary the sound so it sounds like diff c64 within the range of measured c64
guitarists have been doing this on a community level with guitar body and cabinet, and microphone models
measure a cabinet/microphone with a given set of controls, upload model

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but this is basically the same conflict as reproduction vs guitar speakers for a modeling guitar amplifier
the correct answer is a studio spec reproduction speaker
but tradition dictates that they should be shipped with guitar speakers, so many are
thats not something you have to deal with
you can measure a lot to be accurate, average them
but really it just means your job is easier
audio people can be molded to your needs
thats like, an industry constant
my point is, you could model all of this is DSP, cheaper and with better accuracy
but it doesnt matter
how you sell it does
why would you need an fpga
you can probably do the convolution dsp on cheap processors
audio has been doing this shit in embedded for 10 years, some companies for 25 years
like i said, korg models analog component anomolies in their DSP, they put it on a knob

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studio level audio industry is comfortable with modern DSP tech, more than good enough for gaming on TVs
its a vibe and marketing issue
a c64 emulator on even budget processors is probably going to be unloaded
you would have to model the glitches
analog circuitry is same same
shrug, this is no diff than audio
in the end, if you have the cpu power, you dont get better than DACs, ADCs, and processor
you can always add distortion if your system is clean
you usually cant change one type of distortion into another
but thats a skill thing, not a tech or cost thing

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you wouldnt be able to A/B/X a good audio implimentation and besides that who cares if emulated?
korg does analog component modeling on their soft synths
they have it on a knob
but you wouldnt have a little hardware box with 1st party controllers to hook to your tv
anyway i dont use my emulators enough to justify paying for hardware anything right now
my logitech usb dual shock clone works well enough
so if i was a big company, i would buy a c64 and kevtris thing, do some sort of impulse response test, DSP model done

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definite integrals are easy
indefinite can suck, answer is a fn and not a value
handling zero and infiniti terms is pretty neat, learned a lot from that
anyway, in engineering a lot of the edge cases never happen because in our models it means the universe sploded
personally, i never understand the math well until its used in an engineering class
which is not great for grades, but whatevers

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ME deal with circles and right triangles constantly, EE do more wave stuff with it, but its pretty much used as often as addition and subtraction in later shit
calculus is the same way
90% of calculus is tricks to deal with odd cases of pretty simple shit
so its easy to forget what integrating and differentiating actually are, and turn it into a math mess

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or show trick formulas that have been rearranged for easy calc
but which dont make the relation obvious
just move that input V under the output V on the other side of the equals
and its a straight ratio comparison
but its almost never written like that
i think, but that just becomes reg algebra, they wont even mention this shit eventually
they will skip like 5 steps of algebra on the board because did it in their head and assume you followed
anyway, trig and logs
like, trig identies are way useful, but you should be crazy comfortable with sin/cost/tan and inverse functions in relation to the circle, like what they actually mean
which almost never comes up in trig classes, oddly
in trig class you as so zoomed in you dont see the point

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its early, doesnt matter yet
you havent learned much so just going off what you already know
anyway, you have a huge advantage because you have some understanding of how things should work
#1 skill in measurement and test is spotting bad data, throwing it away, and redoing the test
like, you have to know what you should expect or you usually waste a ton of time in setup, hopefully not a ton of time in eval
right that stuff can get you in trouble later
because youre going to have to setup equations, then kind of mash them together
and intuitive shit starts to become more useless
I and V are linear related
sometimes thats all a student needs to hear, but a professor will never say it like that
like, they will write that in equation form on the board with like 20 other equations
and expect it to be obvious
but most the kids wont see the relartion so wont remember the 3 term equation
its like how theyll show 3 equations for a voltage divider
but never say its the voltage time the ratio of the measured resistor to the total resistance

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because i get 10^(x/20) and 20*log10(x) backwards all the time
so i plug in a 2 and make sure it comes out 6, or the reverse
i dont think that changes for most people
its why once you get it, dB scales become easier, because its not log
youre multiplying ratios by adding
it likely gets mechanically converted to something closer to linear
because of the spring coefficients of your ears
theyre not linear, most springs arent, which means most mechanical models are crazy oversimplified
but whatevers mostly they get close enough
anyway i think the brain does a lot of equalization and normalization
i suck at math
im way better than the average person but not as good as i need to be
computers can math
but they probably cant figure out the models to apply the math to
and they wont be able to fake it through iteration to get close to a usable model
actually thats not true

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jero32: same as voltage versus power
dB is technically a power ratio, the *20 makes the voltage/pressure scales work with the power scale
for example, the dB-SPL scale (pressure) for sound levels is identical to the dB scale for sound power, because of the *20 vs *10
same as how a 6dB in voltage (2x ratio) is the same as 6dB in power (4x ratio), if the load is the same
its crazy weird at first but once it clicks you can do a lot more in the dB scale without converting, saves a ton of time
no one is really
you dont, you turn it into a linear scale and work with that
i still check my equation with a known dB->lin ratio

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