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guys whats 0.7 of 5
heh 'dont use me with 3.3v'
oh unless i power it with between 4.5v and 4.71v

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its javascript
at least it didnt tack on the page url and some ad

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heys up with this seeed grove bullshit having finishing nail size mount holes
like, thats why my lazy ass bought the china relay module, so i could mount it with screws
i thought it was the fucked up M2.5 shit they use on pis, but no its smaller
i saw that
i did not click
guys level shifting sucks
bc i think this angle sensor shit is 5v
that sparkfun shit better work (professor made giant sparkfun order, $50 budget per project)

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blackmoon: any reason why using vactra no2 would be bad for bicycle v-brake posts?
its been a few weeks and the posts or plastic bits havent dissolved so i assume its okay

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