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high res, high frame rate footage of vietname is a trip

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needed more vroom

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dx^: yeah i vape low mg/ml unflavored stuff, when life is tough i want to smoke tho
when i smoke tho, i usually kind of feel sick of it 2/3 the way into a cig
i wish they sold singles
fuck this buy a pack shit
im down to like a pack a year tho
school bant vape stuff and all smoking areas at school
its not so bad
but like, i do 5 hour shifts for theater tech shit, can suck
coffee kind of works
this stuff is alright for prole coffee

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yeah it got weird
i dont really like star trek
im def on the star wars side of the spectrum
like, i watched a lot of TNG for same reason i watched a lot of i love lucy
spock and jordy are cool

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oh damn i never considered subzeros name was referencing kelvin
scary shit

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decidibng whats non bullshit is probably the problem
but right, if (ya = -999) readSensorMoar(); might be an okay solution
otherwise, its normal comm and interference troubleshooting
make sure youre not trying to read it too fast, make sure your grounds are short and not loopy and are prefferably in a star topology, consider filtering signals with an RC low pass filter using F = 1/(2piRC) to tune cutoff frequency, consider shielding either cables or in between the circuit and some suspect radiator
ty because i prob waste 5 minutes blaming the universe for that one

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