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in a 1st world or whole world context?
i dont think deaths is above 50

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rab: you got 10" of rain =O
the 50" numbers, omg

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blackmoon: winn0r

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how cheap?
how gimped
do not believe
well they probably wont check either

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yeah like if you want shit to reference a hole center, you make that your A datum
and then the inspection would prob involve some sort of inspection model, go and nogo, or something
blackmoon: right so you can make the holes referencing each ovveride other dimensions
like you can make other holes datum B
with traditional coordinate tolerancing, there are often more than one way to add up dimensions
and you can get diff numbers depending on what faces you are measuring against
blackmoon: yeah
you can also specify specify conditions for max and minimum material conditions
and make tolerances zones based on those
because independent drawings are as dead as dollars

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