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geometric dimensions and tolerancing
its a way to specify tolerances and their speccific references so working parts arent scrapped
in coordinate tolerancing, a lot of parts which would work fine end up getting scrapped
and if your father is old, im sure he didnt
gd&t has only been around since the 80s and is barely adopted

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eh solidworks is way better than autcad
i dont even remember my autocad workflow
i imagine it involved a calculator
anyway autodesk cam stuff is pretty good
a lot of people use the hsm cam plugins for solidworks
you mean a model file?
like 3d?
a lot of drawings now specifically say theyre for inspection and tolerances only and the model controls the dimensions
a lot of shops will import the model into their cam solution
so if you dont providfe it, they have to make it
which can lead to errors
the_gfr|w: also if its not GD&T there are often more than one correct way to interpret dimensions

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or maybe vacuum chamber your popcorn for magical period of time

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yeah dunno maybe they do it under high pressure
i wonder if you can induce half pops w/ two way humidity packs
bovedas only go down to 32%

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if they cant get it to control nice i dont think it matters a ton, gas engines as fixed speed generators for cars and chargers prob a thing
they sell those
theyre great
i forgot what theyre called
at lehttps://www.amazon.com/Trader-Joes-Partially-Popped-Popcorn/dp/B00WOQ31AY
no corn nuts kind of suck
my mom likes them
oh i killed the url
theres another brand
but since trader joes, might actuallt be samebrand
like that goddess tahini salad dressing is supposedly same company as the whole foods shit

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humans have almost reach ideal internal combustion engines and zero unpopped kernel stage of technology
also mazda #1
HEY MAZDA OMG HOW DID YOU GET NO SPARK INGNITION TO WORK?!? we left the spark plugs in for when its cold. OH. OH SHIT.

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sculptor: the issue is the popcorn will soak it up
if you thin out the butter, it will soak up faster
you have to drizle super light and mix it up quick and get it all over the majority of the popcorn
then seasoning and grated cheese will stick to it
its so good you kind of feel sick eating it
theres a line
its like, a lot of it is good but a little more than that is fucking horrible
yeah i havent been watching what i eat, my cholesterol was literally one least significant digit in the red in two categories of cholesterol i dont understand
kernels, buttered iron skillet, lid
thats like 30 years and maybe billions of dollars in r&d

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anyway, i have a hot air popper i got for maybe $25, and a $25 french press, bodum plastic frame glass thing
raw beans are like $5-8/lb
shrug, my popcorn doesnt taste like coffee
sculptor: yeah i like them so light roasted they will crack a grinder
sculptor: yes im sure
i put a fuck ton of garlic salt and shake once
if you shake much more it all falls to the bottom
not really but itll sit in the kernels
pachinko salt
most popper have a little butter tray on top
if you drizzle real fine, you can get a tablespoon to cover enough that shaking it gets butter on most of it
but i like air popped without butter
its hard i usually fuck it up
and end up with a bunch of soggy kernels
and bunch of unbuttered ones
right just throwing kernsl into a iron skillet pro works fine

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dont forget the cofeegays
coffee snobbing isnt much money
like the coffee i dont mind at that store is maybe 1/3 more than the folgers shit
and the raw coffee i buy isnt much more than the decent shit at the store
its actually cheaper than coffee from the fru fru health food store

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2.26g/bag according to lipton

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that one looks like from a machine
neat, super clean looking
i just put in the french press
i maybe buy bunch of black and white tea soon
i should try and pay more attention to their emails
neat, school loans should be sorted by then, maybe food stamps too
turns out since i am special status student i get the 20 hours work min a week thing waived

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you would need to triple alphanumeric label your plans
i finished what you sent few weeks ago
was mostly that rugged among the weeds tea stuff
tea pot?
some of those mixed ceramic/glass things you linked were pretty neat

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anyway, buddhism is cool because buddism is like
do good things all your life? ya your life might still suck
but do good things anyway
christianity: FREE IMMORTALITY
synth: they just go down at fixed rate if theyre jammed?
why couldnt you just encrypt the transmissions
right i wouldnt think anything except jamming would work consistently
fuckin rab
wait no now i double rabbed
maybe i should sleep instead of fly spaceship
pretty hard to program plan b for every situation ever

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synth: dude is kalashnikov
they invented this assault dickhead shit

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a/v job is fun but also a lot of standing around
today i had to listen to some dude attribute good things to the jezus and talk shit about how everyone else in the city is so shallow
also if you give yourself to jezus, all the good things will happen to you

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that doesnt happen without south korea getting all blown up

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$180 for a pair
thats too much to catch on i think, theyll be undercut

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