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meanwhile the joneses are starving in their basement until murder suicide, only using 1/20 of their ammo

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anyway, i think inner cities much more likely to setup something renewable
hydroponic farms, protected areas
no one wants to go there, and people there dont want to share with the outside, right off thew bat
im thinking LA
desal doesnt seem like the most difficult thing in the world
anyway, suburbs will be bunch of families tryingh to fight it out on their own
4 becomes 2, becomes 1, etc
inner cities maybe work it out
i mean, weed guy just has to grow tomotoes outside
armed gangsters continue being armed gangsters
and the former unemployed work to eat
or get ate
the worst areas are effectively anarchist already with the cops acting as another armed faction with limited leverage

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mean while 'welfare' areas already have armed militias setup, and a known system of anarchist law
im sure there are exceptions
right wingers complain about inner city violence, but then frame the left as pacifists in the suburbs
sneaking is a skill
whatever i just walk up and shank a raccoon
i have a heavy short machete with artsy silver handles
some sort of spanish writing everyone says means something diff
hard to read

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eh, people on welfare are in areas with organized crime
then who do you sell drugs to
you wouldnt eat the whores?
anyway, i dont think non welfare people will do any better
maybe worse, theyre not used to being poor
a lot of poorer people have already dealt with life and death moral dilemas
middle class people?
prepped my ass
prepped to pick up the kids from school
maybe with a week of water and food, maybe
most preppers in general are idiots
average middle class isnt preparing for shit
middle class will prob try and bunk down
aka become looting targets
prob mostly post mortem

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rab: bike cart job may provide me with first pic on police auction bikes and cheap parts, even without a discount
i dunno maybe i get discount
they got neat shop, lots of space

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anyway, you spend all your money on your car
either maintaining or replacing
but usually decent hourly, decent pay
yeah fuck pranks

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pizza delivery is high risk high profit
driving a lot is not so safe, plus very high incidence of armed robbery
pizza guys either have pizza or cash
everybody likes pizza
omg yes
a lot drive with guns or knives

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wtf hd do a beat
dont they usually keep the backup OS on a hdd partition?

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