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blackmoon: dont stick you dick into crazy and/or fruitfly incubators

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thing was a huge target for theives
every bum ever: woah nice bike
you see a white guy who is like, dirt brown, matted hair, all his clothes in a sac thrown in his baby bike trailer
$1000 road bike

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like, bmx cruiser w/ low profile frame was neat, because could lean the bike like 60 degrees while body is mostly upright, but ya i guess hip got worse bcause i would lean bike while mostly upright

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i should sell my car ramps and jacks and jackstands and stuff
i thought of selling bike stuff, but i think i try and get a small road bike and see if that doesnt hurt my hip
hip mostly okay since i sold bmx cruiser

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do you have a combover and crinkly orange skin?
haha @ crt foot rest in that pic
oh man he has old milk boxes
that place has to smell so bad
people think i am a hoarder
im like, no i do electronics dis my living lab
ya pretty much
throw shit away, youre gonna wish you hadnt 3 weeks later
or keep broken stuff, because the parts are well organized in broken stuff
mostly i havent gotten rid of my broken stuff tho
mostly i have

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i am proud that the majority of my desk clutter is techy and audio junk, and druggy stuff
tho i do have a paper plate with bagel debris right now
i even got some needle
theyre for moving 6mg/ml unflavored nic juice from liter bottle to 15ml bottles, but it completes the look
cola bottles = assburgers for sure
thats how you get autism
too much mountain dew
i know because you said cola bottles everywhere
i wont ask if you also use them as portapotty
dude youjust have to walk to the bathroom
you dont have to store that stuff
thats not very nice

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timecop: that was $35 w/ the display?

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