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some local told our gop rep "i hope you die in pain" at a town hall few miles from me
the culture clash in this little city is real
town can get fucked tho, im out of here soon as school is over
drove in 3 years, felt like driving home to the san fernando valley, that vibe is totally dead

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ive never programmed pic
kevtris does

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very deep, but talented bass guitar player pick up my bass, play a few notes, fuck with tone controls, kind of tilt head
'oh, its like that huh'
its a jazz bass in your hands and against your body, but its tone is opposite side of a p-bass
sold my bridge and pickups last summer =\
when i replace them, want to pull out all the frets

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if you look on it on a scope, or watch the string with a strobe, you can see its actually twisting in the middle, basically lagging itself
theres a huge half time wave riding the slow wave
sometimes its bigger then the fundamental, but it doesnt matter if its less than the fundamental
because of munsen loudness curves, you actually hear more of the 2nd harmonic
also there are reproduction issues with bass cabs, because theyre not really tuned like reproduction speakers
some are open backed
bass cabs are about output via parallelization and raw power
so sometimes the woofers dont have enough backpressure to create the fundamental
but this isnt really an issue with modern PA style bass cabs, and DI inputs that bypass the bass cabs
the sound is a matter of preference, same as passive tone-stack controls
for example, i had my jass setup with very heavy bridge, max contact area saddles, flat wound strings, and a double size cap on the ton pot
result was way more fundamental than harmonic, i get my tone from clean sine waves into fuzz boxes

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chicken and egg, wether it has to do with our vocal range, or our vocal range is adapted to directional hearing
in rock music, its mostly due to bass players, vocalists, guitars and snares all fighting for same spectrum
bass guitar is mostly 2nd harmonic
was pretty cool, girl and her bf did a project using measuring mics and accelerometers to test output of a cello
and they were confused because they were getting exactly double the expected wavelength every time
i told them thats something audio people know from trusting our earballs, but they did a wonderful job objectively proving it
and they got all happy in front of the class, was neat
the fundamental tone based on string length and tension

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if you put it too far from the wall youre going to get comb filtering from reflected wave interference
yeah i would call that a max
youre working with >5ft wavelengths, assuming audibility to like 200hz
yeah most likely
corners work best
under 200hz is pretty omni directional
not enough phase diff between your ears to see a diff
200-2000 hz, wavelengths are in the ballpark of your head width, so you can track direction
above that, theres too much randomness in phase and reflections for your brain to figure anything out
likely due to evolution

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yeah i dont think a mig style tip would work
no because the source of heat is not the tip of the spooled out solder
its the tip
and i dont think arc soldering would work well for PCBA jobs
someone should really do vid of them trying, tho
i think you could make something TIG style work
isolated board, short charged solder across solder pad with grounded tungsten needle
far enough you dont hear them chuff
also the volume of air between the speaker and wall should be pretty big compared to the port
or itll change tuning

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heh, sounds like i should have left vol up
i think its a thing?
no idea ive never seen one
i think greycz got inittab one

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plato cutters are like second tier QA bin for hakko cutters
the hakko grips are a lot nicer
diff paint too, the hakko ones are matte finish
ive seen couple vids of people drilling chisel tips out
prob fine if you keep em tinned
i think one was ts100 demo vid

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solder 5 more units a day, keeps her job, other china girl gets canned
hakko is probably the highest volume hobbyist iron on the market, but i bet their real money is still factories
the amount of bulk sales of 936 when the fx888 came out was insane
blackmoon: hungry people usually are
like, stacks on 936 looking like they were used as street hockey pucks
and i would trust all of them
i dropped mine off a table and cracked its case, its worked fine like that for 7+ years
i think theyre same group of factories

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naw then you delete lockout completely, i think its a d-shaft pot
have you seen 936 boards?
theyre flat against the front panel, fx888 is prob a big tighter
the pot would need to be there the transformer is
heh @ potentiometer transformer core
i think they just decided to go with cheapest digital UI solution
and that making it work with 2 buttons was some sort of engineering challenge
why not?
id do it if you paid me
its repetitive
you could like them all up and do it once
also manufacturing lines need to reconfigure within hours
soldering wires for one job, soldering shit plastic connectors 3 hours later
which she defeats with her screwdriver

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i think theyre like 50% more power?
it was significant, it wasnt just a repackage
wtf price
dude silver, $$$
man they ditched analog fx888 quick, like none on ebay
if i was a factory id tell them to fuckoff and buy 936 from somewhere else
the only thing a factory would want over the 936 is a lockout that actually worked
the fx888 was same ridiculous locking collar with set screw
even 90lb china farm girls could defeat this to save some production time

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i really liked the analog fx888
was pissed america didnt get the red one
im not down with the yellow/blue shit
youre only rubbing it in, dude
they made them in red, silver, i think black or dark grey, and blue/yellow
they wont industrial design awards for them
go check wtf we cant help you
take a gun
jp got to pick
i wonder if i can buy on ebay
if they made them specific for 100V, running on US power would like, supercharge it
rab: obviously a solution for overheating issues because more power/smaller box

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pretty sure ive connected new irons to old station
its made for production, lockout actually works
its totally fucked to setup
but iirc it lets you set a few temps and swap between them
its not a horrible UI, but its very 80s

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maybe tsunami/earthquake
i heard the same thing about toslinks
like, crazy low margins, factory gets taken out, and theyre like hey fuck this we dont even make money on this anymore
toshiba connectors
knockoffs work but tolerances are all over the fucking place
it almost never matters
but you get the wrong plug with the wrong jack and the wobble angles are just silly, slight intermittent, and maybe not until a hard tug on the cable
was a problem on a preproduction sonos thing
jero32: you can prob still get real ones, used
factories will sell them off bulk, not as much as they used to but i still see hella used ones on ebay
you can just buy new handles for them
pretty sure they didnt change the connector
i dont know if ive tested that both ways tho

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936 is from the 80s
other hacker remembers the japanese rep like THIS IS BEST SHIT EVER!
he also owned the only non-esd 936 ive ever seen
neat, theyre foster parts

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threads look diff but not the pin config
ha, key is inverted
k so maybe old fucks calling something new the same as something old because same number of pins and same color
i feel like their is another common example of this i cant think of

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also because ecnomy is shit here
and getting better other places
the labor diff doesnt justify the logistics nightmare
but we dont have enough skilled labor for a lot of mass production
gotta start all over, wont go fast unless our economy turns to complete shit and we host foreign factories
dunno, looks like it makes with the female thing linked earlier?
i dunno shit abotu DB stuff
tubaman: the amphenol ones are prob from the 60s =\
CB stuff

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tubaman: i dont think it was china
it probably happened in the 70s
so prob american manufacturers, maybe japanese
that cat looks ooooooold
china prob punked the japanese and american parts
if china didnt make the shit, it just wouldnt exist
haha yeah i bet eastern europeans would take up the slack
i think pakistan prob get into plastic parts in next 10 or 20 years
lots of simple machined parts from pakistan
wonder if they learned that shit making ak47

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cant find a date anywhere
looks like family name is 'deluxe group'
looks like the amphenol part is dead, tho
prob a baggie of tanished ones on shelf somewhere for $40 each
but that guy maybe hasnt figured out the internets

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taking forever to load
amphenol maybe stopped making them when everyone else undercut them
rab: its on page m-6

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oh man i love southwest
their flight attendants are comedy, i still think about the one with messed up red hair

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but right, they seem to copy other audio jacks, but change enough they can patent it or who knows
shurter reps at an AES show said they bought a bunch of companies and their audio connectors were a joke compared to their normal products
heh, neutrik bought a company just to move all its home/portable/trs audio connectors to another brand
basically they didnt want to put made in china on neutrik parts because no one believed they were real
i had a bunch of baggies of TRS and RCA from neutrik before they bought rean, normal neutrik quality and packaging, but no one wanted to believe they were neutrik

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for xlr i wouldnt buy anything except neutrik
actually thats not true, the monoprice neutrik clones are okay
thats not xlr
thats just a circular connector
amphenol is good at those, thats pretty much their mil spec type traditional product
amphenol xlr, w/ trademarked crocodile or alligator or whatever strain relief
its shit compared to neutrik chuck strain relief
for what?
oh, it just prob just has a part number
im pretty sure if you can imagine a circular connector, they already make it

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sounds like power shit
where do you live?
are monks involved?
heh canadia monks
oh thats cool
damn cheap
blackmoon: do they come in sets?
or i guess they mate to themselves
thats cheap enough to try, test the fuck out of them
amphenol is a big company now, theyve bought other company
a lot of amphenol audio stuff is shit
just knockoffs, but diff enough that sometimes they have issues the originals dont
like amphenol xlr/trs combicons has a right angle instead of a radius under a switch contact
and if you leaned on the XLR while mated, it would permanently fuck the switch contacts
in our application it permanently muted the jacks
also their strain relief might as well be a cable chewer
amphenol for audio is as dead to me as switchcraft

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so glue them
does not mention glue
well yeah seems like a perm connect thing
does it have a rotational life spec?
i would think if they got materials right, wear would be super low compared to the snap locking action
would still glue

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looks like boones

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