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pizza is for the rich fucks

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i cant fucking stand ios
ive never really had any issues with android, but ive always had nexus shit with vanilla android

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i edit config files and start shit from a terminal with tab complete
i dont really trip on dynamic menus and autogenerated and updated configs
if im using something very long i usually end up switching to fluxbox or openbox or somebox when im bored
mousewheel desktop switching ftw
sculptor: search funtion is a thing, and not like i dont have to do that in windows sometimes
for shit like email and media and web, most distros are fine out of the box and basic gui configuration works
and ive had more driver issues with windows recently
CSR apt-x bluetooth audio is a great example

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shrug, if configuration through clicking window managers with matching gui toolkits, he wont be happy with linux
i ignore all that shit since i had a suse install completely destroy itself

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worked, neat wm, but its pretty much debian
like half of popular distros are debian + decent wm configuration + some gui to drive apt package manager
most remote server things ive used are deb based

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11:35:34 <+Sculptor> linux can never run well
i ran morrowind and doom 3 on linux like 10 years ago
and it would be fine for general computer stuff if i didnt need engineering apps
kde and gnome are usually pretty shit, but that doesnt have anything to do with linux
using xfce or blackbox based wm, linux will always run better on low resources than windows
debian has been pretty solid for as long as i can remember, shit basically always works

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