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shrug, prob normal service stuff
doesnt matter
horse nut grease might not work for warranty anyway
if i was it guy and was bored id prob tear it down and pour alcohol all over it
i dunno what soap will do
iso alc will take the oil off and wont hurt anything
soap is like, random variables
plus water, which is harder to get rid of once the grease is gone
like, dawn or similar dish soap is maybe okay but id still rinse with iso alc after
yeah until it blows water all over your shit

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thats some karate kid shit
that has horse nuts
do you need a laptop for work?
do you have an IT department?
that statement doesnt make sense
if company is big enough to have an it department, just give it back and say you need a new laptop because this one has horse nut grease in it
if they think you need a laptop theyll get you a new one
im confused about what you need to sort out
seems sorted
so put them back
did you break any warranty tape?

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i have a d830 i use for school stuff
put 8gb of ram and an ssd, works as well as the cheapshit laptops some students use
hair gel?
you shit smells like three flowers or something?
is that for you or horses?
why do they put horses on the hair grease

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that is neat

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blackmoon: i think fingertip normally bit thicker, also because when im holding the endmill im careful not to slide my fingers across the flutes
most cuts i get are from messing with a part while the spindle is up, not moving

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i never get cuts on my fingertips
sometimes on the sides and backs of my fingers

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id be okay with doing production environment with little machine like that
even if its insane, worst case you maybe take an eye out

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looks like for dental inserts?
i think thats one of the few domestic metal machining industries thats doing okay
i setup monster to email spam me with cnc related jobs maybe 10 years ago, its almost all dental parts
screw machines and mills
and this is LA area, so decent amount of mil and aerospace contracting
i think the mil shops have a monopoly on long term skilled machinists

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shrug, glue them with a masking wrap, unwrap when glue is dry, cut off the glued bits
youre simply lazy enough, jero
rab: so you line it up and do a bunch
heatshrink was prob the best solution in the first place
could also drill twist the wire to make it more rigid
not so much if you untwist
wtf are you using play-doh conductors?

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if it was tubing and not braded sleeve, some sort of fixture would have prob made it pretty quick
like a short thin wall pipe to hold it open
bundle wire ends with tape or heatshrink, feed some sort of rigid line from the opposite end, use it to pull everything through
you have to think like the chinese
its not about them being cheap labor as much as theyre lazy, another way of saying it is theyre amazing manufacturing engineers

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longer production time is usually preferrable to stopping production to wait for new parts
i bet you were a lot faster at the end =)
sounds shitty
and china labor cost isnt as cheap as people think
korean labor costs are pretty much comparable to american ones

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