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ive temp killed them
theyre never quite the same tho
they are kind of slowly dying all the time after

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no the batteries

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also we didnt use the batteries without a battery gauge ic w/ shutoff capability
even just dicking around with them as ghetto supplies in the lab
besides burning down our benches, it would have permanently killed them

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shrug, depends on the pack
and the temp sensor is not standard, its not always a thermistor
place i worked used a somewhat standard type of battery pack in a product, i think originally was a camera battery pack
anyway, the exact specs of the contacts and the type of sensor wasnt consistent
a lot of them where analog output 3 pin temp sensor IC
some were thermistors to low side contact, but the resistance curves were not consistent
anyway, if its not something that breaks out individual batteries for load balancing, the temp sensor is there for a reason
its so you dont die

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i wouldnt trust something cheap that didnt do load balancing
so 3 contacts

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raccoon^: not what you asked for, but prob closest youre going to get

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i bought an antec supply once and it blew up within days
i mean, you can kind of look at a supply, brand aside, and quess what quality is going to be like
if shit looks like some random crap youd find in an oem case, prob wont last too long
if looks like its built to sell to end users, prob better luck
the antex looked like an oem supply + nylon main cable sleeve
i would trust a supply made by delta
shrug, maybe for something using integrated everything
iwould generally trust anything seasonic, they have a rep to maintain

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shrug, works fine
and yeah im looking at the retail box right now, def an i
fortran source?
theyre cheap shit as far as i know, but i didnt have issues with the one i bought
was like 10+ years ago tho
i had like rosewill levels of confidence in it
because it seems like the kind of shit rosewill would rebrand
theyre an importer
most of those companies can probably build reliable supplies if you pay them enough
my rosewill supply was their high end shit, lasted years no issues

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i have a corsair is supposedly a rebranded seasonic, neat modular supply, no issues
asking me?

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what is mint based on?
oh, so its just debian
shrug, lunix has whatever UI you want

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oh, also one meter for entire building
so no electricity bill

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upside of my hack apartment is thats its new
i think im the first resident
average house in this area is prob like 80 years old

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in general laundry machines here are long term buys
5-20 years
i dont think its at all significant compared to other forms of waste
i think a 20 year lifespan is fine

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yeah is 2 blocks away
im two blocks from laundromat and 4 blocks from school, i only have to uber or zipcar for reasonably priced groceries
no, its not uncommon
most apartments ive lived in have laundry on site or in the unit
this place is a budget student situation, randomly sized apartments built into what seems like an old warehouse building
i dont know what that is

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thats not how it works
gonna steal a shopping cart from a bum to move my laundry

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that guy is still alive?
the_gfr|w: shrug, kind of normal summer in califonia
hes gotta be in his 50s
yeah so he was old then
which is what i always kind of assumed
74 is pretty old
out of clean socks
my life is a mess!
also shirts

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and considering theyre serving drunks, i wouldnt release the bar from liability
the bartender shouldnt let her drink it before its boiled off
if she physically took the drink, with force, then she is liable
and thats not what i remember
whats wrong with normal ice cream?
so its like melted ice cream?

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if you trust a bartender youre an idiot
that said, either him or management should be in prison
girl was dumb but its not her fault
she was dumb not not knowing drinking liquid nitrogen is bad
that isnt illegal
she was dumb for trusting a bartender, but everyone does to some extend when they go to a bar
they served liquid nitrogen to a girl
as a business that serves drinks, i dont see how theyre not liable
because i dont think the bartender told her
i think was the point of the case

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what are the things?

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