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like i remember seeing ok computer poster like, damn how did i missed whole radiohead album

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i started watching some docu on radioheads ok computer album
and yeah, was like, this is dumb, started listening to album
and right i think 97 was when 'shitty family to shittier group home' happened. comic tragedy starring me

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took me like 20 years to like ok computer
heh, 97 was shitty times

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but ya if you want to be good at electronics, and not just math, make shit
no, more
k good

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oh, learn to do math with units

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right if you just try and remember formulas you fuck it up
if you know what youre trying to do with the math, you might do it a different or slightly longer way but itll be right

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eventually youll be able to catch the bits that isolate one part of the circuit from another
and decent designs will not be a single very complicated circuit
it will be a complex system of many very simple circuits
right the calc and diff equations stuff helps a lot with white papers
i should really go back and re-read a lot of shit, doubt any of it would be confusing now
frustrating, or scary, but not confusing as much
right but eventually you see that most of that math is pretty standard
its exactly like the circuits thing
eventually you will see certain equation forms as a type of relationship, and complex equations as systems of simpler ones
like, at some point, voltage divider equation stops being a random set of algebra symbols
becomes like, 'oh the voltage is proportional to the measured resistance vs the total resistance'
but right youre not lost, you get it

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i made them put everything back to original, and changed a single resistor on an amplifier circuit that clearly had zero purpose other than arbitraily setting a fixed gain
same company, other 'engineer', same amps, WHY ARE ALL THESE PARTS DIFF CAN WE MAKE THEM EVEN MORE THE SAME?
'oh those are just a filter, we can make them the same'
it was the feedback divider, he wanted to turn a 1000W amp into another 600W one
was literally the only part you had to keep different on both amps
the previously mentioned tech went on to become a manufacturing 'engineer' at another company i worked for
once i had a vp apologize that hr wouldnt let me have an engineering title because i was new
said it was okay, honestly wanted to have no part of the bullshit
read schematics
all the time
stuff youre interested in
they wont make sense much for 3 or 4 years, but thats why you have to do it

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i spent a couple years making money fixing his bullshit
they asked him to change the gain on some amps
and he changed like 20 parts in the front end
they asked me to change it, and showed me what he did

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mechanical engineering is very effective, its just messier
early US space program is a result of a well educated population with no resource issues
spoils of WW2 and the GI bill sending everyone to college, basically
not always
you dont always have enough information to calculate it
anyway, decade boxes were how passive speaker crossovers were made through the 80s
decade boxes and pen and paper plotters
or graph paper and a ruler if you were not so lucky
i would usually math or spice solutions
we had one tech who used to decade box or pot the shit out of everything

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*when theyre not
basically, electronics always makes sense
it effectively always work and the math confirms this
mechanical engineering, not at all
no i mean like, electronics at a professional level is almost 100% aligned with models and practical applications
and when you account for shit like heat and materials, it gets even more accurate
mechanical engineer at a professional level is not that
its like, we have models and irl they kind of work and we tested 1000 times and we cant explain this part but it doesnt matter because as professionals, we got fuckit and multiple everything by between 2 and 10
depending on life criticality and money and glory
im not

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exactly the same
caps resistance is 1/(2piFC)
in a transient sense, where youre taking magnetic charge and discharge into account, its just ohms law with negative resistance
but everything is ohms law and current paths
shrug, kids ask stupid questions and give stupid answers when they start ignoring ohms law
and certain basic rules that you use with ohms law
like voltage across parallel elements it the same
current through series elements in that same
these things are always true
then theyre not, youve oversimplified the situation by ignoring parasitic elements, or youre looking at the situation to closely for your application or measurement capability

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calculus based electronic engineering?
or just algebra based electronics tech program
review trig shit
shrug, i learned more electronics by doing projects and making things
but that might not have much to do with passing your classes
in fact, it proper fucked me in one class, because mean teacher is mean
white papers
application notes, papers published by engineering societies
like, basically try and get an idea of whats academic busy work and what will be useful
and remembers its all ohms law
literally all of it
like, if youre doing something, and it doesnt make sense in context of ohms law, figure out what you did wrong
thats just variable resistance ohms law

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that sounds complicated
i just go to school farm meat lab

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blackmoon: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/sausage-science-1.4234568
your sausages are lies

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