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To increase the efficiency, the turbine engines are presently tuned to run at a constant 80,000 rpm.

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i think you have to be moving to hit that kind of efficiency with turbines
one of the european companies did a prototype
like, i think you have to be pushing air into the turbine
shrug, http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/hybrid-electric/a6153/jaguar-hybrid-micro-turbine-engineering/
was awhile ago
Harper conceded that the turbine engine is "about 20 percent" efficient with its fuel as compared to the low 30s for a piston gas engine.

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normal hybrid?
another motor to spin the diff to distribute power
the prius system is pretty neat, tons of good writeups on it, and little web toys so you can play with the three motor speed to see how it effects output power and direction and regen
rab: yeah i think you can prob get waaaaaaay higher ice efficiency like that
theres not much r&d into motors like that
im sure it exists in white paper form and some industrial applications
but nothing like weve developped car engines

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and your thing is implemented on a production car
i just dont recall which, its not american obviously
we cant even handle CVT in an automatic transmission car
yeah im not even sure what to search for, to find an example
rab: series hybrid

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blackmoon: hybrid turbo uses wasted exhaust energy
more so than a normal turbo, because they spool down the turbo by regenerating batteries
pretty sure the r&d issues for economy cars have to do with high speed bearings and motors
the performance and drivability gain is the ability to use energy to spool up the turbo
which reduces turbo lag, which is safer
but its hard to knock racing and street performance, because thats why high efficiency turbos exist
turbo i4 replaced v6 in most performance applications like 10 years ago
for example, the higher performance genesis coupe has less cylinders and displacement, theres a bunch of german examples of this too
no 3cyl is bad
its a mechanical issue, i think theyre balanced worse than i4
i4 are small because above a certain displacement they try and rip themselves apart, above 2.0 usually has a balance shaft

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rab: i dont see why higher efficiency acrtoss the board is an issue
almost all efficiency gains have come from chasing performance
same with safety developments
your disc brakes happened when they did because of long straights like at monza and le mans
no i dont think thats true
turbo cars are higher effiency for given displacement/power
im pretty sure turbo i4 is a typical economy engine in europe
okay, but id still argue those gains only exist because of chasing performance
doesnt change that hybrid turbos are the best way to reduce emissions
weve tapped out almost all other technology
how its used is a problem with society, not technology

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i dont think the engineering is challenging
issue is getting everyone on same page
theyre just pissed because they cant do it the same as they did it 50 years ago
car dealership freaking out about online sales is same same
porsche is dropping out of WEC, already confirmed Formula E, and eventually motors in F1
F1 is hybrid
hybrid turbo needs to be implimented on economy cars
thats one of the few easy efficiency gains

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just lost in the noise
and accidents that can penetrate a fuel tank are likely to generate enough heat via friction, especially during catastrophic dissassembly of exhaust components, to ignite gasoline
gas tanks are safer now
i dont why why batteries would be much diff
shielding and crash structures dont seem like major r&d challenges
*see why

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the entire world is cleaner because cali went fuck you so kids like me could play on the playground every day
running lighter battery loads is indisputably greener
so you just make standard car pack load of 3+ battery packs, and give the option to load jumper packs with no charge
i feel like if we analyzed logs, timecops use of dong terminology may have influenced kevtris' use
and theyre not that shielded in commercial designs
gasoline is highly volatile
by no means safe, we deal with it well

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no diff than avoiding arco for gas
for a long time, arco was the only gas station that didnt meet industry standards for clean gas w/ beneficial additives
major gas station, chevron, mobil, 76, shell were all top tier gas users, arco and cheap gas stations werent
arco is *always* couple cents cheaper
so now theyre advertising that theyre top tier gas, like thats special among major brand stations, when actually the other stations has long exceeded the standards
i still wont use arco, owns last car for maybe 6 years, only used arco or cheap stations 3 or 4 times
right that doesnt need to be the case
gas interfaces are standardized
so should battery interfaces
it also gives you the options of running lighter battery loads

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plugin charging is such bullshit
they need to make some sort of push-in/falls-out battery swap method
like, stop the car in some sort of stall, some machinery aligns with your battery hole, pushes new pack in and stores the old one
charges battery at station
someones gonna get killed
the only reason tesla did ev first was because companies didnt want to redo infrastructure
hopefully they dont just follow the leader

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blackmoon: weird they usually ignore you if you go to fast

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